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pushindirt(z8 OR)November 20, 2008

A friend just got through planting his garlic, but he did it in plain garden dirt, not knowing he should amend.

Is it too late, or can he sprinkle bone meal on top of the soil and then water it in?. Will it have the same effect?

Then he should probably mulch?



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bloosquall(Wa 6)


Bone meal is a source of phos usually and takes some time to break down. My suggestion for him is to find some horse manure and put a few inches on top then water it in. it would not hurt the soil or plants to apply the bone meal now...rake it in lightly. yes, apply a straw cover to insulate the ground, 4-6" thick

In the spring side dress with a good N source.

Maybe garlicman2 will see this and improve on my answer.

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