Too late or too early to plant?

seishonagon(5)November 5, 2012

I have about ten pounds of garlic seed to plant. Back in the beginning of October I had a perfect window for planting - sunny, fair, dry. But "stuff" came up (translation: I was too lazy to get out there) and I missed my opportunity.

So my question is: should I plant it now, or wait until spring? Neither? Both? It's currently snowing, but nothing's sticking yet.

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I just planted mine about two weeks ago. Plant them ASAP. I think you still have some time as long as the ground isn't frozen. This is for hard neck garlic.

Make sure to add some fertilizer to the rows. I got the smallest bulbs at the ends of rows where I probably skimped on the fertilizer.

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Thanks for the encouragement! I'll plant the bulk of the garlic now, and save a handful of the rarer stuff as a back up.

Fingers crossed.

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scooter70(6 SW OH)

You should be fine, I always wait until the full moon in October, the gravitational pull following is more conducive to root growth. I never refrigerate them and have had success for 3 years, in fact I will be putting another 3500 cloves in this weekend; looks like it might be the last nice weekend here in Southwest Ohio.
I mulch with Moo-nure because it seems to keep the top soil a little warmer, if it's a nice crisp morning it will still be steaming...
Anyway, happy planting!

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