Overwintering in Small Containers

Edymnion(7a)November 27, 2012

Hello, quick question.

I've got some garlic cloves in 1-2 gallon thin walled containers (basically the leftover containers from blueberries and the like from earlier in the year). I know that garlic likes to sit through the winter before being ready in the spring, my question though is do I need to worry about them freezing in such small containers?

They're out where the soil will warm up (relatively speaking) during the day, but it isn't uncommon here for temperatures to drop down into the teens and sometimes single digits for a few nights a year. With how small the pots are, I would think having the entire thing freeze solid would be a threat.

Is it actually something I will need to watch out for (and possibly move the containers into the utility room during the coldest nights), or will they be fine out there in the snow?

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I think they will be fine outside as garlic doesn't seem to mind being frozen solid. I've seen garlic in 1 gallon pots sitting outside through the winter come out in the spring, and reach full sized bulbs.

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Excellent, I do so enjoy set and forget gardening plants. =)

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