Garlic in containers - indoor and/or outdoor

pegleg48(6a Toronto)November 7, 2012

Hi all

So, I told myself i'd plant some garlic this year, and I just got around to sticking a few cloves in containers for the winter. I am using apx 1" deep 3 gal containers for 3-4 cloves. We'll see what happens. But I brought the containers inside to plant (cause it's cold out), and now with the days so short its dark when I get home and haven't gotten chance to cover them with mulch and set outside yet.

This got me to thinking: perhaps I could also try growing some indoors over the winter? As an experiment? If I leave them by the patio window they'll get sun but remain cool, and I might be able to take them outside in the spring.

I will try both (some outdoor, some indoor) and see what happens.

Any suggestions? I'm not entirely sure what variety is it, but purpleish, and grown organic in Ontario.



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It would probably be best to leave them out in the cold, at least until the cloves have time to root. Garlic are like tulips in that they grow roots in winter, tops in spring. Warm indoor temps would push new growth too soon. Perhaps the protected space outside on your patio would be an ideal spot for now.

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pegleg48(6a Toronto)

So, I planted garlic in 2 containers. 1 has been mulched and put outside, but the other I've been lazy about and has been sitting by my porch door for over a week.
Last night I noticed that green sprouts are already coming up! Obviously I need to get them outside pronto, or I'll have garlic chives in the middle of january (maybe not a bad thing?). But, do I leave the sprouts or snip them off before mulching? Are they still ok to go outside now that this has happened?
Any advice welcome


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gemini_jim(7 MD)

I would leave them. Get them outside and mulch them with leaves or straw. If they continue growing above the mulch you can add more mulch. Cold temperatures usually stop growth before too much damage occurs. I've never actually seen winter damage on my garlic, but my winter temps seldom fall below 15F.

I also remove most of the mulch sometime in early Spring when active growth resumes, so the soil can warm and dry a bit faster.

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pegleg48(6a Toronto)

Well, I clipped off the sprouts (and used them in some cooking. very nice), got the mulch on and they're outside now. It doesn't get super cold here in the winter either. Maybe a few -20 nights, but they're in a sheltered spot so hopefully will be ok. Maybe we'll even get lucky and have snow! (I'm not counting on it...)
I might plant some indoors just for the garlic chives, cause why not, if they're going to grow that fast.


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