Can I sucessfully plant garlic in the spring in zone 6b?

hoorayfororganicNovember 28, 2006

By this I mean:

Can I plant in spring, and harvest in fall?

Or, can I plant in spring, leave it through the fall, and then harvest next spring (or summer, or fall)?

What kind of garlic should I use? Hardneck or softneck?

I missed the fall planting this year, and am wondering if I can get things under way this spring, or if I have to wait until next fall to plant my garlic.


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I'm in zone 6,and I haven't planted typical routine.Always have good yield in summer.
Hardnecks only,for me.But I don't think it matters as for your other questions.
So if you're in 6b,probably isn't too late.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

I'm in 6B and have planted as late as Christmas week.

However, if you plant in the spring as early as the ground can be worked (which means February here) you should be OK for a regular summer harvest.

As a general rule, hardnecks do better in the north and softnecks in the south. But either can be grown anywhere.

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Hey, Hooray!
I am in 6a, and just now planting this week and expect no problem. Planting the garlics has taken me 3 whole days, and i still have the onions to go - perhaps after the cold blast that is expected for the weekend.
If you have time, go ahead and plant soon.

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Are you supposed to plant onions in the fall as well?

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I only plant Multiplying Onions aka Tater Onions in Fall - and sometimes Shallots. Others, i start from seed in January or February - and start Leek seed then as well.

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