cooking elephant garlic flowerheads

kiwi_ellymay(New Zealand)November 20, 2007

Anyone cooked these? I have left my flowerheads to grow more than I should have and after reading that I should have nipped them in the bud for bulb production they are about to get the chop! The flower buds are nicely plump but have not yet opened. Pity to have to sacrifice the nice flowers but I hope to be able to eat them. Any suggestions?

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Okay, I'm no garlic expert but I have a few suggestions and I hope that I am not too late and that the following is something you would be interested in... I know I've seen garlic flowers with stem steeping in a bottle of oil to flavor the oil (presumably you just use the oil to add a "dash" of flavor to whatever you are cooking). Another thing that you may try is to just add it to the top of a roast, pork chops, etc. For example, when I make pork chops for my family, I will add cut pieces of apple, whole stems of rosemary, whole basil leaves, and whole oregano and remove them before serving. You could do the same with the garlic flower stems. I have also been able to purchase pickled garlic stems with immature flower heads for further processing at Korean supermarkets.
Good luck and congratulations on your successful garlic growth,

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