good source?

amazindirt(7A mid-TN)December 19, 2008

Hey guys --

What are your favorite sources for garlic?

I'd like to plant two or three types of garlic this year. Yes, I know spring is not the ideal time to plant -- but this is when the garden's going in.

I don't need anything terribly fancy or rare, just a good reliable source with a few different interesting types to try. Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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Hi Amazin,

These folks - Karen & Mike - are great to work with and price by the bulb:

Like all garlic growers they are pretty much sold out by now, but they did put together 10 leftover bulbs for me just two weeks ago, so they may still have some in stock. If they have some softnecks or silverskins remaining they may hold till Spring.

Otherwise, if you buy in Spring, garlic will be very hard to find outside the local supermarket. Supermarket garlic usually works - plant the largest cloves from the largest bulbs and get them out as soon as the ground can be worked. Spring planted garlic produces smaller bulbs than Fall planted, but larger than none!


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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

Thanks Tom! I will check them out.

I also located a farm up in KY, not too far from me -- Blue Moon Farms. I sent them an email last night, and they have already responded to me -- a good sign. They said they are still planting now, and still have small smounts of several types left. So I may be in luck. And I could probably get a bed ready to plant in the next week or so if I really needed to, so I may not have to store anything all the way to spring. We Shall See.

Thanks for your info!

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That's great! There are a lot of people who plant as late as Christmas - depends on when your ground freezes. I would definitely get it in the ground as soon as you receive it, and turn in some high nitrogen fertilizer when digging the bed. Then cover the bed with a 3-4" layer of mulch to keep the ground warmer longer. If you don't get top growth by mid March you can always revert to supermarket garlic for a Spring planting.


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