How long of a dormancy period do garlic cloves need to mature?

stevelau1911December 15, 2011

I am giving my shot at trying to grow garlic indoors, and they sprout almost instantly, generating roots within hours, and already several inches tall after only a week. I'm still in the testing phase so how long of a dormancy period do garlic generally need in order to form rounds and fully mature?

I'm guessing around 3-4 weeks should be sufficient, but haven't ever tried, but I plan on keeping them in 20-40F for the next 3 weeks, then taking them back indoors to see what happens.

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Garlic has a chilling requirement of 8 weeks minimum. Then you must determine proper day length for proper bulb formation. Seems to me a lot of work for something that is so easy to do outside. But, I love a good experiment as much as anyone. Good luck.


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I have over 2000 garlic cloves of about 12 species growing outdoors and I know they don't require much work, but I'm trying to see if proper bulb formation can happen with less time. I am currently trying them out for 3 weeks outside, then brought indoors to hopefully develop fully.

One thing I'm finding is that they need to be stimulated enough initially, then take the colder temperatures to form the round and regardless of anything else, the larger cloves are definitely growing thicker stems than the small cloves. It seems like garlic doesn't mind temperatures in the single digits at all unprotected.

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I think you may be right about the 8 week requirement for dormancy because the garlic I have growing indoors by the windowsill are way too skinny. I think another factor which may be leading to their poor growth is the lack of summer sun since they seem to be growing much skinnier and weaker looking than the plants i typically get out in my garlic beds by March when the soil starts to warm up while the sunlight also starts to intensify.

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