Hello hippeastrums lovers!

georg_e_vergreenJanuary 20, 2014

Hello, I am excited to have joined the forum. I have time reading them but I had never registered.
I tell them:
I bought in the last two months about 30 bulbs in Komoriya and elsewhere in the United States. In my country, Mexico, is very difficult to buy imported bulbs because vendors do not make deliveries to my country and that's awful: (but I was unable to achieve buy in some places thankfully.
I love these plants, I now have 55 bulbs waiting to be planted this season. I hope to grow their roots and get a show in flowers.
I have read not very encouraging things about Komoriya and really worries me. All my bulbs are perfect, very healthy and big and even one of a very small size surprised me because it has no leaves or roots but its flower stem has begun to emerge.

I send greetings and I hope to learn a lot with you. Sorry if I say strange things sometimes because my English is not very good LOL

Best Regards, Georg-e-vergreen!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Welcome to the forum George! Thanks for introducing yourself. I think these Komoriya bulbs are teaching us a few lessons!!

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Welcome George!

We look forward to seeing your Komoriya bulbs when they bloom and I have a feeling that for YOU they will bloom! It's great that you have decided to share your journey with these bulbs with us and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Your English is perfect!


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Welcome George! Your English is perfect and you are definitely among friends who will encourage you along as we all share your enthusiasm. It sounds like your Komoriya bulbs are waking up and you should have flowers soon. I am looking forward to seeing them when they do.

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Bienvenido a Garden Web George!

Saludos desde California,


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Hello George! Welcome here! I did not post til now, but my cutting experiment of the Komoriyas looks promising. Looks like You have to trim minimum the basal plate a bit and put captan and rooting hormone on it. Your climate is even better than mine here in Germany! I have mine all on a heating mat. That seems to be helpful here.
But i will talk and post fotos, when i have hard facts.
Best regards

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lenanen(z3 Finland)

Hello George and welcome to the forum! This is the place to be for us hippeastrum lovers.
Waiting anxiously for pictures of your hippies... and wishing you all the best growing them.

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amaryllisfred(6b Cambridge MA)

Hola George,

No so preocupe su Ingles es perfecto y estas entre buen amigos. Si Mexico permite, te podemos mandar semillas o bulbos de nuestras collecciones. Dejanos saber.

Saludos y Bienvenidos,

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Hello and good morning everyone.
I appreciate the welcome from all of you . You are very kind !

Kristi : true, Komoriya bulbs have their surprises and lessons. I think we all find it difficult to grow them. Later mention them what I'm thinking.

Donna: I see you have a lot of experience and are very active in the forum, read you gives me security and many things to learn. Really learn from each other and it's great to share. I hope soon sharing photos of my flowers.

Jstropic : soon I'll be very happy to have the floreacion and share them with you all. One of my passions is this.

Blanca : Thank you for the welcome and White for taking the detail write Spanish , I hope to learn a lot from all of you and enjoy the flowers of each. Muchas gracias Blanca por el recibimiento y tu amabilidad en escribir en español! Pronto espero tener el gusto de enviarles las fotos de los bulbos en flor!

Fishing : Frank , I do not know but something tells me that I have had contact with you ... you are in your facebook group ? ( Hippeastrum fans) . There I met a person named Frank , he's from Germany and speaks Spanish . His wife is from Peru .
That yours sounds promising technique , with roots estimlar hormones should give good results . Certainly the weather in my country support, warmth and moisture in the soil accelerates the growing of roots . I've planted three days ago and expect results.

Lenanea: I'll be happy to share with you those moments with good pictures, I hope to remain active in this forum and keep in constant communication.

Fred: Thank you for your kindness, but here in Mexico, I find some flowers, they are very limited in cybister, aulicum, papilloma and many others. Slowly I have built up a small collection until I was able to find online shopping, but it's really difficult / Muchas gracias Fred por tu amabilidad, en México es complicado encontrar cultivares de hippeastrum a no ser de los mas comunes y nunca nadie sabe que variedades son, las venden por igual. Puedo encontrar blancas, rojas, naranjas, rosas..ya sean sencillas o dobles...las variedades más comunes pero nunca he visto aquí cosas como Papilo, cybister y otros hibrídos hermosos. Ellos los he visto por internet pero realmente es un tanto riesgoso pues por paquetería no los puedo traer y los vendedores muchas veces no quieren enviar nada a México. Lo pueden hacer por correo convencional pero por mi propio riesgo, aduana puede confiscarlo y no hay nada que hacer. Es chistoso, pues con Komoriya no he tenido ese problema, todo ha llegado perfecto.

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My little collection is growing little by little , but yesterday I had a little problem, the first. Buy 5 bulbs in Greece : exotic , exotic star, sprekelia , cybister Bogota and exotic star ... but were stopped at the office of my country LOL so I've lost the amount of approximately $ 200 . How sad , is that in my country is not allowed to enter without permits or registrations plants as an importer. That is extremely expensive considering they are for me and I buy in small quantity , not to sell to third parties.
The strange thing is that Komoriya bulbs have come across without any problem and were boxes and boxes and never inspected.

Turning to the issue of Komoriya bulbs , I've been thinking a few things:
According see , they undergo phytosanitary inspection in Japan so they must be perfect ... but apparently immersed in a chemical to disinfect ... not only dried in hot rooms or heat guns ... the bulbs are toasted and very dry from the outside but what makes me think they are submerged or soaked in a liquid disinfectant is that some of them do not support it ! Three days ago I decided to plant them because some have the flower stem . I was surprised to find two of them rotten and soggy ... but in a peculiar way : they are rotten inside , outside look "right." Here comes my assumption : Immerse in a disinfectant that sometimes enters the bulb for the part where the leaves are born and that's the result. Begins to rot from the inside. And you know what was the strangest thing? Both bulbs were Yellow Gorgeous, the more yellow variety offered on ebay. Both the buy separate times and the same thing happened. All others are fine. this makes me think they do not want is Gorgeous Yellow and disseminate best injected with something in the center of the bulb. This is not normal, it would be normal if they happen to many, but only these two are well put together and all were stored.
With the help of a knife, I removed the rotten parts leave the center trying my best to see if they can recover their "health" but really look bad. I opted for planting and sun to dry them inside and stop the process of decay

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Hello George,

I was saddened to hear about your experience buying bulbs from Greece, that kind of loss is very unfortunate both bulb wise and monetarily! You had chosen some lovely varieties!

As for your Yellow Gorgeous', mine is about the size of a small walnut and getting smaller each day.. But yours are very rotten and from your pictures I'd be surprised if they pulled through.
I had a rotten bulb earlier this year from Komoriya and I sent them good pictures of the rot and they did get back to me and even though they no longer had any of the bulb I lost, they sent me 2 others of my choice. I was pleased with their resolution to the problem.

Later on in the season I got a buggy or some such afflicted aulicum and also sent them several pictures and eventually they did sent me two replacement aulicums which appear to be doing fine. Looking at the above picture of your two rotting bulbs I wouldn't hold out much hope for them but you never know.. but, I certainly think you deserve two replacements, after all, you've bought a substantial number of bulbs from them!

Several of us here on the forum have had trouble with Yellow Gorgeous also so I just think it's an extremely fragile bulb to begin with and as you say, all the treatments they must give them before they mail them may be too much for them.

I just lost another bulb, Midori Sagi that just dried up but I can't be sure that this wasn't my fault so I won't complain about this one. I'm sure there will be a few more that bite the dust before this is over but we keep trying don't we!

Good Luck


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George this manifestation looks for me like "Mealy Bugs"!
Search for this little critters or signs of them! Systemic pesticide must work! But add some soap to the solution. That reaches them better. Best regards! Y si yo soy el chico desde facebook! :-)

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For me that is no infestation, all bulbs were kept together in a box. All others are perfect and healthy, just the two Yellow Gorgeous got bad and strangely. Watery, as if they had been burned with hot water from the center. I removed the damaged part with a knife and put them in a pot in full sun. The sun has dried the damaged parts and bulb maintains the basal plate and some layers so I hope you can recover very slowly and produce root and maybe small bulbs.

Gracias Frank!!! me da gusto verte por este lugar! Saludos!

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áHola George!

I am very happy to hear that your two Yellow Gorgeous bulbs are responding to your care. La luz del sol abundante y el calor en México, junto con tu excelente atención deben estar teniendo un efecto beneficioso y saludable en los bulbos después de su largo viaje desde el Japón. Based on my experience and correspondence with growers in Europe; yellow hybrids are genetically weaker than others and more prone to disease. áFelicitaciones por tu éxito!

Komoriya bulbs have done very well for me here in California. I am planning to create a post including photos of some of their blooms in the near future. Right now, I am waiting for the maiden blooming of six Komoriya cultivars and the reblooming of two.
Stay tuned.



PD ÿPrefieres que te llamemos George o Jorge?

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Blanca, Please do post your pictures of your successes with Komoriya; you have no idea how happy I am that you and Maria are posting pictures again!! The suspense is killing me!

My second blossom on September Rose Line seems to be going the way of the first; drying up. My hopes are all stacked on Autumn Rose Lady which so far seems to be sending up a viable bud!!


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Hola Blanca!
Siii, mira te cuento que es muy extraño...yo pense que se trataba de algun insecticida que usaban o que los sumergian en el y dañaba a los bulbos si éste llegaba al interior...pero luego pense: ÿy por que solo los dos yellow gorgeous están mal? NO sé, me hizo sospechar que "algo" pasaba con esos bulbos para evitar su propagacion. Estaban completamente aguados, como si les hubieran inyectado agua hirviendo! Mi reaccion fue quitar esa parte con un cuchillo y dejar el centro lo más intacto posible para ver si se recupera y crece una hoja. La logica me dijo: ponlos al sol para que se sequen y se detenga la pudredumbre. Funcionó! Ya se seco y "sicatrizo! la herida. Quiza ya no salga la hoja, pero espero que por lo menos de hijuelos por los laterales pues el plato basal esta intacto. Espero den raiz y eso ayudará mucho. Estan sentados sobre sustrato humedo y ayer compre un gel de hormonas enraizantes para ayudar al proceso.

Blanca, con toda confianza puedes llamarme Jorge o George, de ambas maneras estoy acostumbrado :D Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Realmente son unos bulbos algo difícilies!

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Te cuento ademas, Blanca, que todos los otros bulbos de Komoriya están en perfecto estado, muy sanos! Aunque aun no dan raices...pero van bien, el calor apenas comienza en México así que espero tener buenos resultados. Tres de ellos están por dar flor aun sin hojas ni raiz, Trumpet Rouge, Little Child y Evening Buterflie...un gran bulbo de papilo esta dando hojas aunque no tiene raiz! Me emociona mucho! Realmente amo este pasatiempo. Ayer llego a casa un hibrido de reticulatum, Autumn Rose lady de Komoriya. Tiene dos bulbos a los lados y una vara floral creciendo!!!!

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Hola! Hola! Hola!!! Please speak English so we can join the fun???

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My thoughts exactly!! I tried to translate but could only translate one message...:-)

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Hi Maria and Donna!

I was telling about my bulbs of Komoriya to Blanca.
Three of them have produced the flower stem: Trumpet Rouge, Little Child and Evening Buterflie. In addition, a large bulb is giving Papillo leaves without roots and have already planted. He came home a few days ago another bulb Komoriya a Pink Lady Autumn, with great size, with a small flower stem and two small bulbs!

I mentioned to Blanca I bought CLONEX to help the bulbs to root. I bought in United Kingdom for approximately 30 dollares sent to Mexico.

I'm happy that it has come to my city a new package of Greece, Exotic Star, one has passed without problem this time! Samba has also come from China and Momo no Sato of Komoriya.

In USA, acquired Apple Blossom, Puniceum, Exotic and Cybister Bogotá and seeds Exotic x Cybister too.

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Wow! beautiful...Yellow Gorgeous or Lemon star???

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Is that Yellow Gorgeous if it is, that's the closest I'll ever come to seeing one! It's lovely!

George, so you got a large Autumn Pink Lady?? I'm jealous..my 2 were small but I do have a bud on one! I'm hoping we all get lovely flowers from this one!

Sounds like you got some great varieties in the mail too, congratulations!!


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Hi Donna,

I promise that I will post photos. There are some exciting events unfolding and more developing!

For the non-Spanish speakers among us, I told George that the abundant sunlight and heat in Mexico; along with his excellent care must be having a beneficial and salubrious effect on the bulbs after their long journey from Japan. Then, I congratulated him on his success. Finally, I asked him if he preferred that we call him George or Jorge.

As an unapologetic polyglot, I canâÂÂt promise that I wonâÂÂt write portions of posts in foreign languages from time to time. I need practice to remain fluent. Mentally stimulating activities contribute to brain and memory fitness; and I thoroughly enjoy exercising my brain. If anyone needs a translation, just ask, or try Google Translate.
I mean no offense, but others post cryptic messages here in English whose meaning is obscure and indecipherable, so please let me have a bit of linguistic fun.

Traducción al español:

Como políglota sin arrepentimientos, no puedo prometer que no voy a escribir partes de mis mensajes en lenguas extranjeras de vez en cuando. Necesito practicar para mantener mi fluidez. Actividades lo cual son mentalmente estimulantes contribuyen al aptitud cerebral y la memoria; y yo disfruto plenamente el ejercitar de mi cerebro. Si alguien necesita una traducción, sólo hay que preguntar o traten el traductor de Google. No quiero ofender, pero otros escriben mensajes crípticos aquí en Inglés cuyo significado es oscuro e indescifrable, así que por favor déjame tener un poco de diversión lingüística.

Sincerely (Sinceramente),


Here is a link that might be useful: Americans suffer from inadequate foreign language education

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Hola de nuevo George,

Entiendo tu emoción. Para mí, mis bulbos son una de las mayores fuentes de alegría en mi vida! Dales tu cariño y paciencia. Con tiempo crecerán raíces.

Saludos cordiales,


English Translation:

Hello again George,

I understand your excitement. For me, my bulbs are one of the greatest sources of joy in my life!

Give them your love and patience. With time, roots will grow.

Best regards,


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Yes it is Donna, I get the bulb a few days ago and is very large with two small bulbs and flower stem growing out! The bulb of the other variety, retiuculatum with striped leaf, get tiny, like a lemon!

This is the list of what I bought in Komoriya and I've already placed in pot:
-(2) yellow gorgeous
-shiroi harukaze
-devil smile
-green and saturn
-yume mitai
-autumn pink lady
-secret aleys
-kogane no sato
-evening butterfly
-akai kutsu
-momo no sato
-little child
-tenshi mitai
-trumpet rouge
-tenshi no ekubo
-habranthus and crinum too.

I was already at home about 15-20 more: red lion, dancing queen, vittatum, salmon, double with, double red, cocktail, minerva, exposure, black pearl, hercules, lady jane and others.

from USA on way to home:
Apple bloosom
Cybister Bogota

from Grecia:
Exotic star and Cybister Bogota (again)

and Poland: Benfica.

Blanca: muchas gracias por tus comentarios tan amables, espero con toda la suerte del mundo y los buenos cuidados, pronto tener una bonita floracion de mis bulbos de komoriya :D para compartir fotos con ustedes!

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Today I get home after 8 days at work and found a Gorgeous Yellow bulb is recovering, he has grown a leaf!! Enclose a photo where you can appreciate it.

Autumn Pink Lady has a long flower stem. Other bulbs have root after two weeks of being planted!!!!!

Little child and butterfly evening, have two floral stem each one!

I guess cutting the bulbs was the best option (and exposure to full sun).
The best way is to place them in plastic pots black. The sun warms these pots and moisture stimulates root growth. I checked!

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Yellow Gorgeous with a little leave!!! Iôm so excited!!!!

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Autumn Pink Lady of Komoriya. (4-5 days in home)

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Congratulations George! This is great news and I am very excited to see the flowers from these bulbs. I am sure they will all be beautiful.

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Well George, that is a bulb with the will to live!! I wish you the best of luck with it!

Also when you were talking above about your Autumn Pink Lady I think I said I had 2 of them. I misspoke, as what I have is 2 Autumn Rose Ladies, I keep getting the names mixed up! I look forward to seeing your Pink Lady bloom!

You have an impressive list of bulbs and I look forward to seeing them bloom!


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Hahahaha, apparently we have mixed the names! If it is just a bulb Autumn Pink Lady but has two small bulbs growing out, thank you Donna, Iôm so happy for the yellow gorgeous!

Thank you @jstropic, I hope to have a lot of flowers this spring!!!

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Papilo with a leave!

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Little child with two stems (this bulb is so little!!!)

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Trumpet Rouge of Komoriya too.

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They are looking great! Hope, they grow roots as well!

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George, they look great and can't wait to see pictures of their blooms!! I'm just wondering why you have them planted all different depths in the soil??


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Hello Donna and Frank

Every day to inspect the bulbs and find new things ... many of them have a small leaf growing!
I'm very curious, I extract bulbs substrate and find that they already have roots, the great majority.

Donna, I'll tell you my reason to plant them at different depths:

I prefer to cover almost completely the small bulbs to avoid dehydration by the sun. Large bulbs are more exposed they are more stong. Moreover, they are full of very green chlorophyll layers, can take advantage of the sun to grow without suffering while their roots grow.

Small bulbs stay fresh underground. The sun here is very hard, say it is like in Texas.

There is a good tip to make your roots grow. Post a thermal blanket which are used for reptiles, 20 or 25 watts. Under the pot, that is widely used in kits for germination.

The heat and moisture in the substrate stimulate root production

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