Tiny bulbs

hippifan(8)January 16, 2012

Here I am again. I also placed the question on the topic 'A few new blooms from this morning' from 'Kaboehm', but nobody read it I think.

I bought at the end of 2010 some bulbs, around 31 cm. But now the're just 24 cm (the one I've measured), and the rest is also less. I had them in the greenhouse last year and gave them every two weeks fertilizer for houseplants. So I have the idea that they don't grow very well. But they're in good health. No virus or anything else. It's a Gervase, Faro (?), Orange Sovereign and a red one. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. The Gervase shows already a tiny top of a bud and he is 24 cm circumference.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I saw it...you asked how I get my bulbs so big! Since these were all new bulbs, the answer was simply - buy from Royal Colors.

But, now you were really asking, "What can I do to make my bulbs bigger and grow to their max potential...they seem to be shrinking!" The answer to that one is a little more complex. My bulbs are outside from early spring (after last frost) up until October. They get lots of water and fertilizer. When bulbs are blooming, it's not unusual to see them shrink a little (almost like the outside layer comes undone from the rest of the bulb), but not at the end of the growing season. We are in cooler weather now, so are you withholding water? Did you pull them up to rest, etc? Really, without knowing what you've done (or not done) it's hard to say why they are smaller. Please provide some more details and we'll do our best to help you.

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I know Royal Colours, but they are expensive, and I'm just a 'poor' student! :-D

But I had them blooming in the winter/spring from 2011 and they shrink (don't know what's the past simple or something like that). Then from around May I had them in the greenhouse. Perhaps too warm? Every week they got a little water (a shot glass) and every two weeks fertilizer. In september/october I took them inside and they went in November in dormancy. Now I don't them give water because they're in rest. I would say that after a growing season they're at the original size again?

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Hi Hippifan,
I don't have any suggestions for you, but I do have the same problem with a few of my bulbs..seems every year they get smaller..older Charisma, Mega Star, and Dancing Queen to name a few (not to mention my Zombie and Joker)..My bulbs all get the same care so I don't really have an answer, just want you to know you're not alone...;-) I do understand that some of these gigantic bulbs that are being sold this season will most likely never again be that large, but it would be nice to see them plump up like the rest seem to do with no problem...maybe we can hope that they're busy making bulblets under the soil..but my beloved Dancing Queen hasn't even thought about it in nearly 4 years...


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I live in Spring, just north of Houston, and my greenhouse reached temps in excess of 120. I let them grow outside under a partial reflective shade cloth and they did great. Where do you live?

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I live in the Netherlands. Perhaps in my greenhouse it's the same temperature if I close the door. But I have the door and window always open in the summer otherwise the temperature climb up to a too high temperature. And there is also bubble plastic at the inside of the greenhouse. I'll try them inside this year. Perhaps it's going better.

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It might have something to do with how deep you plant them. I found a bulb last week, that I accidently covered with mulch this fall. I dug it up, when I noticed leaves coming up. It was so much smaller than it was when I planted it. I plant mine usually with half the bulb exposed., those seem to really increase the bulb size here in zone 9 Texas. Barbra

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I don't think they are too deep. But anyway, they're sending up a flowerbud. And can it also be that I give to little water? I gave a shot glass every week.

Here is the little one of 24 cm. So Joshy was right! You promised in another topic (see link).

And this is a Gervase.

Here is a link that might be useful: The topic with photo of bulb.

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I knew it would bloom! The first one is the surprise, right?

I think they need a bit more water than a shot which is only one ounce, I noticed you have them potted in coir, is this why you water so lightly?

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Is it an idea that somebody who has succes with making an amaryllis reblooming several years make a topic of a step-by-step instruction of how to make an amaryllis rebloom, several years. And than like the FAQ, nobody replies, that it stays at the top of the list. An idea???

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You bulb looks to be in good shape. I think you'd find that they'd do better with a bit more water. Others have suggested placing a saucer or container below the pot and adding water to it, and allowing the absorption to occur from the bottom up. Perhaps you could experiment and see if a plant or two respond better to more water during the active growth phase?

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