Very small narrow white bugs?

brownest_thumbJanuary 23, 2014

They've caused the leaves to fall and the roots to shrivel.
They dart in and out of the bottom of the bulb.
Any clue what they are and how to eliminate them?
I'd hate to lose my telos leonardii species bulb.

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Any chance for a pic of these?

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Best I could do after 5 min of trying.

They are not photogenic... and they are very quick.

It is the white dot on the side of the bulb to left of the small root

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I'm not sure what they are but it would appear that your bulb has some rot somewhere either caused by these bugs or they have just taken up residence in the rot. I would peel the bulb down and scarify the basal plate down to a clean surface and then you will need to dip the bulb in a liquid insecticide to kill the remaining bugs. What do the leaves look like? If you don't have any leaves I would dip the whole bulb in the insecticide or do the hot water treatment for which there are instructions on this forum.
And of course change the soil when you're through. If you don't want to throw away the soil, putting it outside in this weather we are having should put an end to their miserable lives pronto!

This is just my opinion of course so listen to any advice others may have too.


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