Amaryllis won't sprout

maximus852(5 OH)January 21, 2011


This might be covered somewhere else in the forum. I tried searching and couldn't find anything.

I bought a couple amaryllis bulbs after Christmas when they were on clearance at Lowe's. One of them has grown leaves but I don't see any sign of a flower. The other one isn't sprouting at all. I pulled it up and saw that it is growing some roots. It is not mushy or anything. Since I didn't plant them until about December 28th, are they not growing right because of a long dormancy period? Is there something I can do to trigger the one to start sprouting? I've tried giving it warm water, but I'm scared to water it more than once a week. I've read some places that it can take up to a year or more for them to start growing. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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This year, some of the Australian bulbs we ordered wouldn't get started for me. I found that setting the pot on a heating pad set on low for a few weeks kicked them all into gear. Good Luck.

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