New Cybisters (continued)

hawehaJanuary 31, 2013

The Page did already get sooo long, so I decided to show the #15 to #18 of H.cybister "Chico" x H.papilio

Largest flower diameter was from #18 (RIGHT)

Final stage

#18 produced 4 much prettier flowers from their 2nd scape, and as is clearly visible, extraordinary Diameter (17 cm)

Closeup on #18

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I think the mating of chico with papilio (either way) is one of the best cross anyone can make, after looking at all your gorgeous results..endless.. one beauty right after another, even though I know you have your favorites.

I have 5 remaining seedlings given to me of papilio x Chico and they are quite large. I also have a big fat seedpod sitting atop my papilio scape x Chico and I can't wait to see the seeds. If I end up with no other seeds this season other than the two pods on papilio, then these will keep me happy... Donna

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You say it, Donna!
I recommend that Private Breeders, whose Area is limited, consider breeding these - their consumption of space is so little. Their leaves are rather small. Conspicuously small in comparison to their well sized bulbs of 25+ cm in circumference.I LIKE THAT! The result is, huge containers become them well - yet the required area is small. Everybody who grows the common TETraploid Hippeastrums knows, that the leaf FAN will require times and times more area as compared to the area the container requires for itself.
The left side of the following pictures and of the first 2 pictures above show #16 which is the strongest sibling. It produced 2 scapes w/5 florets each, and two Daughter bulbs, one of these prematurely blooming.

Closeup on individual flowers, and, considering the vigor of the sibling, I regret, they are not overly attractive to me:

The 2 Flowers from the tiny Daughter bulb are, surprisingly, barely smaller (13,5 cm in diameter) than the flowers of the 5-umbel (14 cm)

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Thanks for the "prize" for finding the small scape! The photos are gorgeous. I agree with Donna, "Chico" x H. papilio is one of the best crosses out there! The colors and form is a great combination! -Tina

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