A few new 'old' blooms...

dondelduxJanuary 12, 2012

Just a few of my new bulbs of older varieties.. the only one that was a mislabel is Elvas (no match for Xuan's gorgeous Elvas) who was supposed to be White Peacock...There were 10 flowers all out at the same time on Charisma..to say it is breathtaking is an understatement..I removed all the pollen and did not intentionally try to pollenate any of the Charisma flowers, but it seems that almost all of them are setting seeds. I will just let a few grow and maybe some of you would like some, or any of the pollen let me know..I probably won't grow an since I have some year old seedlings of a Temptation selfed..basically the same..

@ my Father's house

with flash

with flash

without flash

I know there isn't really anything super special hear..so thanks for looking.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

They are special in their beauty. Just like mine are just plain ol' blooms, but they are spectacular on their own!!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Your backgrounds look so peaceful and serene!! I love all the different levels of decks!

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I love all of these! They are so beautiful and your photography skills are superb!

Thanks for sharing.


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These look really special to me. I only have the common varieties, Red Lion, Minerva, Apple Blossom. My husband bought me a Aphrodite (?) for Christmas. It had 2 buds and they both dried up. Would love to have some of your seed if you could find something on my list to trade for.

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Gorgeous Donna!
I ordered Samba this year too and mine is nowhere near as nice as your picture. Hopefully it is an ugly duckling that will turn into a swan next year!

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Thanks Everyone!

Kristi, I'll tell my husband you like his decks..he built them from the ground up...

Thanks Xuan, your pictures are always lovely..and I always enjoy seeing them.

Retsec.. I'll have some selfed Charisma in a month or so and you are more than welcome to some..I don't need anything in trade, I'm overwhelmed with my own seeds and bulbs..but always happy to find homes for extra seeds. I should have many Charisma seeds this year as I just removed the pollen and inadvertently selfed most of 10 flowers in the process..will only let half grow on, but there should be tons...The season has just started for me as I have many dozens of bulbs that will be blooming all winter into the spring..so..I'll have lots of seeds to share with anyone who wants some...

Istropic.. 3 years ago I bought a Samba from White Flower Farm and they were out of one of the other varities I had ordered.. so.. without asking they send me 2 Sambas. I gave one to my father and his..without a doubt..was better than mine..this particular one above has bloomed 3 times with 2 stalks with 4 flowers..each and every flower is perfectly beautiful..his neighbors see it and are astounded and wonder what in the world it is!!The other Samba that I kept is fine, but I don't think the flowers open up quite as nicely as the one I gave away....Samba also makes monsterous seeds, I only kept about 5 from last year and they are extremely vigirous.. I should have brought some pollen over to my dad's and pollenated his..I think it's too late now..

I have a President Johnson about to open and I actually think this one will have a noticeable picotee..and reblooming Jewel on the way...



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Thank you for your offer. Just let me know and I'll send postage.

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WOWZA :) Every single pic is a great representation of those plants!! You are a great cultivator.

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your flowers are beautiful, my wife asked for flowers so i planted a flower bed, i hope i did everything right. i've only seen amaryllis bulbs in stors, where could i get some seeds from?

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Thanks again everyone, When I have seeds, I will post and then you can send me your addresses..I hope you guys are still out there when I do have seeds as my husband has a conniption fit when he sees all these seedpods growing and I do love to pollenate and grow these amazing seedpods and since I've already filled the house with seedlings..it's much nicer when I can tell him these are are spoken for (so to speak)..then he's happy..Some of these Dutch hybrids can have 50 to 100 seeds per pod as some of the others have just a few..I'll keep you posted...

Most of the earlier seeds that I will have will probably just be selfs..as the season progresses and I'm working with my older plants that I know are healthy then I can do crosses.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Enjoyed your photos, Donna. You have inspired me to collect some pollen to try cross pollinating this year.


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Dear Donna
Nice jod u have done for cross these Dutch hybrids for seeds.

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