Help,Tell Me Exactly What To Do Now..

bulldinkie(pa)January 14, 2012

Ihave 3 plants,done blooming.What now,I was told put out in flower bed pot & all for summer,then bring in fall,it bloomed in june.

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Cut the flowers stalks and continue to grow the leaves. Make sure to feed it regularly too. After danger of frost put outside for the summer.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

It appears you live in Pennsylvania. Don't put your bulbs outside until the danger of frost has passed. Please read the FAQ - do not reply to them - for complete information on how to get the most from your bulbs.

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Do you plant or just lay somewhere?Thank you for the info..

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Bulldinkie.. (why does that name bring a smile to my face??)

You can take them out of their pots if you wish and plant directly in the ground, can set the pot half in the ground, or.. you can just put the pots on a deck or somewhere in your garden area..making sure to water occasionally and feed with 1/2 strength fertilizer each time you water because hippeastrums are heavy feeders since they have to grow 6-7 strapping leaves during summer in order to bloom again for you next year. Several hours of sun or dappled sun is necessary..a good amount of sun..helps..doesn't have to be full sun.


Oh, And when I plant directly in the ground(no pot) I cover the entire bulb with soil..and I find that they can take more watering and more food when planted directly in the soil. (of course, I have a sandy well draining soil, If you have clay, I would water less frequently.) I've found they do grow better in the soil directly..just my personal observation...

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My Hippeastrum grow really well in the ground, I have clay soil, I planted mine out last spring and their blooms were amazing, much better than if they were in a pot! The flowers were twice as big and the colors were amazing. I should've taken pictures..


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Thank you all that helped,you like bulldinkie huh?Its the name of our one mini donkey she doesnt have the usual markings on her face,she looks like a baby moose,So we weresetting up computer.My son was suppose to use bulldinkie,for password instead user name,I do hear about it,but no not a bulls dinkielol lol

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