...amaryllis growing too tall?!

hawehaJanuary 1, 2006

I recall the above mentioned subject discusssed in


I now proudly present my species amaryllis H.aulicum v.robustum with a scape of 92 cm length - nota bene the stem without the flower head.

And, pollination has taken place, I took the pollen from one uncommonly dark red amaryllis for this purpose which I purchased as cut flower:


(clickable th_)

I use the species amarylllis to ennoble to a certain degree the very weighty-sledgehammer- and simply UN-ELEGANT character I blame these big blooming hybrids for (!)

For elucidation what I am talking of watch these hbrids I obtained by pollination of H.aulicum v.robustum with Liberty

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That's amazing. How have you cultivated this bulb? From seed? An offset? And what fertilizer?

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Congratulations! The flowers are stunning! Your contributions make this site more than worthwhile for me. I have a question about the 92 cm stem. Do you view that as a positive or negative feature? We have some Apple Blossom and Orange Sovereign that grow stems up to that length (36 inches or 91 1/2 cms)but it has worried us because they want to fall or break off when they are that long. Also, my wife thinks that they lose some of their beauty when they get so long.



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Dendrobium(Sweden zone 2)

Hi, this is my first contribution in this forum!:) I think you have given the plant a bit too much water, they tend to produce high steams if you are generous;)

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Hi Dendrobium -
welcome to the Club

Now, as regards to the bit-too-much point must I disappoint you:
Although it IS true - I strictly administer water by a rigid (time-)schedule...
I apply only such quantities of lukewarm water with 1000 ppm 6-3-3 fertilizer into the saucer which are taken up rapidly from the substrate and - which considerably VARY on the actual growth state and the weather.
This procedure ensures that the upper couple of cm substrate always remains completely bone-dry.

This was the last stem of the season, and this stem was always seeking for SUNlight but only finding this deplorable gloomy left-over (of an already dim sunlight of a previous damned dim light of the summer season.

The additional or even excessive elongation of flower scapes under insufficient light is well known among hippeastrum cut flower producers.

These long stems are nothing positive nor negative - I found this simply interesting and wondered whether the bud was to touch the ceiling - they are simply a result of indoors forcing conditions - and such overlengthed stems are never produced from plants which are situated outdoors.


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one fatal error:
The formula of my lquid fertilizer is 6-3-6

as regards to the origin of my H.aulicum v.robustum
Funny history indeed I first received two bulbs mnaymany years ago from one couple in the church quoir I used to sing. I was told that they had received these bulbs, yes, long ago, too, as present when they became engaged. Now these bulbs were in a rather poor state and she gave them to me - trustfully because she had already become aware of my interest in amaryllis.

After 3 years I was able to give her two pots with one good bloomable bulb plus offsets each therein. These had been cultivated apart from my other stock within my main collection which gradually became infested with bulb scale mites and finally had to be given up.

Many years later when I started a new collection I asked the couple for one plant to receive back for breeding purposes, and I was given one bulb with a flower scape and a little offset.

After 4 seasons of carefull husbandry I have now obtained 3 bloomable daughter bulbs aside the mother bulb throning in the center of this cluster.


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Some more images of this species amaryllis and the above mentioned hybrid with "Liberty"

href> href> href>
(clickable th_'s)

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rosegrowernb(zone 4B)

Hi Hans:
The name Robust is certainly apt,, Most plants
will grow to the light, and probably wouldnt have
grown so tall in sufficient light, but it would appear
that it is indeed a vigorous variety...
You have done well,I have grown a few Amaryllis for
years, but never was as careful about watering as you are.
But seeing is believing..I always watered from the
top, but will probably start from the bottom..Jack

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Is 'liberty' a hybrid? I was wondering because it has that smaller petal on the bottom of the flower, like I have seen in some of the pics of the species.

If it is a hybrid, it must be close to the species?


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Liberty seems to be a hybrid. No species have so nice sounding, clear name... :o) I need to get one.

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