what to do after flowers die?

chandaohJanuary 23, 2007

I got an Amaryllus bulb in a "growing kit" for christmas, and it is blooming beautifully right now, grown indoors. I do know its too cold to ever plant outdoors here in OH but the flowers will be wilting soon and I know most bulbs have a dormant phase they need to go through after blooming. My grandmother has an amaryllus she has has several years that also came in a kit for christmas. it bloomed that first year and continues to produce leaves, but in 4 years it has never bloomed again. I dont want my lovely red lion to suffer the same fate. It is such a welcome sight to see this bunch of big beautiful flowers in the dark gloomy winter. any help on what to do after the blooms fade? thanx.....Chanda

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Keep on watering. Just make sure that you don't overwater it. You can also put a little fertilizer in the water. Then when there is warmer temperature outside, minimum temp. around 10F, you can plant it out and care for it outside. Then unearth it in September and prepare it for blooming. You can find advice about all these on this forum.

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Some beginner tips on my site.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Amaryllis Page

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thanks plant guy...the instructions on your web site were very detailed and seem easy enough...I'll give it a shot. I didnt think ammaryllus could be planted outdoors in ohio and I probably would have left it in the cheap plastic pot that came with the kit forever. when I bring it in next fall I will be sure to put it in a good pot with drainage etc. I will also pass this info on to my Grandma and hopefully hers will bloom again too. Thanks again.....Chanda

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