brigarif KhanFebruary 27, 2011


Labour of six months gone in half an hour.

An unprecedented hail storm last evening destroyed all my annuals and caused a considerable damage to all others.

How much setback will it have on my hippies.

Some other photos of before and after.

My Cherry tomatoes



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That is so sad, nature can be cruel. I'm sure your hippies will recover just fine though as the bulb below ground was not injured. Best wishes with the rest though. So sorry.

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Oh man, so sorry about the loss. Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. Devastation sure is the right term.

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ryan820(z5b Denver, Colorado, USA)

So sorry for your loss, Arif. But I may be able to shed a little hope on your situation. I like in Colorado in the US and we often get very dangerous and very destructive thunderstorms in the summer time. I've seen hail storms that did just what yours did and stripped the landscape bare of any leaves. I can tell you, at least with the hippeastrums, that they will bounce back just fine-- and they will likely do so with vigor if they were strong before the storm. I have also found it is rather surprising how fast most plants will bounce back. I know its disheartening but as you said, what will be will be.

Hail is pointless. It is a lot like temperatures that go below well below 0 degrees F. Its just destructive. But for a long time people also thought forest fires were ugly, destructive things but in the end, they begin a new life for many things.

GOOD LUCK and watch out for falling ice!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Arif,
How frustrating, but I concur with Ryan...things will recover, but it makes the current situation no easier to bear! Hang in there my good Hippi friend! (are all the birds fine?).


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brigarif Khan

I am most worried about my 2010 seedlings. They had a nice foliage, now all gone. I am sure they will recover.

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I'm sorry :( I don't have any advice but I offer sympathy! I know Hippeastrum are very resilient plants! maybe the stripping of the leaves will encourage new blooms?

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I too am sorry for your loss and we all know how you must be feeling. But I'm sure.. as others have said.. that the majority will rise above this situation and send up new leaves soon. Good Luck and Best Wishes,


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

On June 1, 2008, in Jacksonville, Florida, we had a severe hail storm. It damaged all of the plants - just tore the leaves right off - and everything looked ragged for the rest of that year. The flushes had already come out and the leaves were already formed. It wasn't until the next year that the ragged edges were gone. (However, the hail storm did not kill anything.)

It was unbelievable. My goodness, this was June 1st in Florida. June 1st!! Completely crazy weather for Florida in June.

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