Scrape and blooming cycle

yellowfingers(9)February 6, 2014

Hi all,

I have a question about scrape and cycles. I usually only get 1 scrape no matter how big my bulb is. Sometime I got 2 but rarely. This year I have a couples that is close to 40cm in diameter but ii only see 1 scrape on them so far. But then most of my bulbs also bloom twice a years. Once in spring and one in fall. Is this normal for amaryllis?


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Hi Don,

I have many bulbs some that I have had for 4 to 6 years and each year they surprise me as to when the scapes come up and how many scapes as well as how many flowers; sometimes only 2, or 3 and luckily many have 4.

Sometimes a scape will bloom and then several weeks later another scape will emerge. Getting an older bulb to produce both scapes simultaneously doesn't happen that often for me. I know it takes 5 to 8 leaves in the summer to produce 1 scape and so you would most likely need at least 10 leaves over the course of the summer to produce 2 scapes. Bottom line it's not an exact science (for me anyway) as to when these bulbs will bloom and the number of scapes. etc.


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Thanks for the information Donna. I have similar experience as you. I guess my bulbs are doing fine then. Lot of time when I saw people post the pictures on the forum, it seem likes most of them have 2 scrapes so I thought I was doing something wrong.


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