Aulicum x Papilio

hippiris(10b)February 3, 2013

Hi there just posting a photo of my gorgeous Aulicum x Papilio.. Just wondering if the parentage was the other way (Papilio x Aulicum) would it look the same??

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Oh, That's just beautiful!!

I would say that each and every flower from this cross will be different and the same for the reverse cross, all different. I don't think it matters which one is the mother and which is the father, except that when using papilio as a seed parent the seeds would be larger. Some cybisters put out very tiny seeds but papilio puts out larger seeds even when crossing with a cybister. I find that the larger the seed the easier to work with and they seem to sprout better for me. This is just my opinion though and someone else may have knowledge to the contrary...once again, yours is a beauty!!...Donna

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I need to add aulicum into my bulbs. This cross is pretty... hopefully more of the papilio genetics will come out in some of the siblings!

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Wow! Very nice! :)

That's why I like to grow as many seeds as I possibly can from a cross because you just don't know which seed(s) will give you something amazing down the road.

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This bloom is from one of 2 boxes sent to me by an interstate friend. One box had all Aulicum (parent) crossed with either another Aulicum, a Papilio, or a Cybister as the pollen donor. The other box contained all Papilio (parent) crossed with Aulicum. I'm so looking forward to future blooms given they could all be different. Will post them as they happen, hopefully some real beauties will show up. Unfortunately this particular little beauty didn't like my attempts at pollinating. Very little pollen and it was really dry. I had nothing else in flower at the same time either, so hopefully next time. Have found out I can send seeds to Europe so will be up for a trade or two in the future. Cheers K

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What a beauty!!!! Congratulations!

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Howdy K,
Were the anthers purple? It appears the seed parent is H. aulicum. I have done several of those crosses with wide variability from plant to plant. As both species are epiphytes take care to not kill with love.(rot). I personally tend to prefer papilio parentage.

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lenanen(z3 Finland)

Now that's a looker! Absolutely fabulous! Congrats!!

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That really is quite stunning.

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Wow Pat! That is a gorgeous flower! I think I like the back of the bloom nearly as much as I like the front. I'd like to see that one in mass production!

Hippiris, I can't wait until some of your aulicum and cybister crosses bloom! That should be another interesting combination! So many wonderful combinations are possible!


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Pat, that one is a lovely bloom for sure. You do a wonderful job with these species :o) Dan

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Wow!! That one is a real beauty!! I'd be doing cartwheels if that were mine..and 4 flowers to boot!!...Donna

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LOL! That is the kind of result that I have in mind when I breed with H.papilio. Now I am envious! I wonder that the florets do not show slightly upwards; NAMELY, IF SO, then it would be a candidate for commercial propagation. Regrettably, H.aulicum is not as much inclined, to transfer their "Hans-guck-in-die-Luft" appearance ("Jack is staring towards heaven") to their progeny, which is a real pity!
Congratulations, HoustonPat!

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Many thanks folks.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Pat....such nice work. You have several crosses that are remarkable!

Still waiting for my first crosses to bloom.

My "new" H. Papilio and H. Aulicum are doing well, but no signs of blooms. Guess they are settling in. The one Pap surprised me with blooms back in Oct/Nov. They have their own shelf in the greenhouse and are probably spoiled!!

Hope all is well "down south"!!

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