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Penny007January 7, 2014

Hi all - I live in Malaysia and own a very healthy aspidistra - or at least it was until three weeks ago. At that time it started to produce drops of clear sticky liquid on the underside of its leaves. Hundreds of them per leaf. It still looks green and healthy and full ( it is about 2-3 feet high and 3-4 feet in diameter) but is producing this sticky fluid. Nothing has changed in the way it is being cared for in the last two years - same location, same water, same temperature. The only thing I have never done is provide any plant food - but would this cause the issue I have described? Appreciate any advice you can give.

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You have a sap sucking insect called scale on the back of the leaf if you look you will see lots of small green to dark green bumps. this is the insect. to control it wash the leaves with soapy water. or spray with white oil as long as the temperature will not exceed 30 c in the next week.

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