Any singaporeans here?? cold-climate plants possible?

lwfevelynFebruary 14, 2008

hi! just wondering if alot of singaporeans are using garden web..think it's possible to grow pears here?? my pear seedlings sprouted 2 wks ago with 2 wks of cold treatment..

not sure if pears would last...

know any nurseries here that sell tulips... the other day cold storage sold them for lunar new year..and they are sold out now.... at yishun, north point. heard ikea still have?

am planning to grow pitcher plants in may..cheapest plants i have seen so far is going at orchidville for S$20...any other cheaper deALS??

and do u know if there are any plants with black flowers on sale anywhere?? planning on having a BLACK Garden.. it's my copyrighted idea k..

thanks for replying...

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mark_nova(6/7 Snst32 AHS7)

Sorry, I'm not from Singapore and can't answer your questions, but I'll mention that one of my favorite plants is from that area (and very difficult to grow in most other places): Cyrtostachys renda ("Sealing wax palm" or "Lipstick palm"). See if you can find it!

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i'm singaporean, trying to grow temperate stuff too. i have four hollyhocks, all one year old, and they're growing okay but i'm wondering if they'll ever flower if they never see a winter.

i remember tulips at ikea, but that was last year and also around chinese new year time. i think those need cooler temperatures than we get, though? you'd have to put it in an airconditioned room or something.

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You can force tulips and other temperate bulbs by putting them in a shallow dish with some rocks or pebbles and a little water; they'll bloom, but once they do, you will have to throw them away because they won't bloom again.

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I'm a Singaporean residing in Florida. Weather here is kind of in-between, it's winter now and tonight is 6*C where I am. We can grow strawberries and tomatoes in our area but there's also citrus and guava.

Tap me a note if you're interested in seed or bulb exchange to try cool-climate plant cultivation.

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