Hippeastrum x Crinum cross?

manicFebruary 20, 2006

Recently I was purchased a hippeastrum for my birthday. Being new at this I followed the instructions with the bulb and the plant is now in spike. At the same time my crinum which I have moved into my heated greenhouse to overwinter has exploded into growth and is also in spike. Both being in the Amaryllidaceae family, would it be possible to cross these two plants?

would greatly appreciate any info on this matter, as well as hybridization in General

Thanks in advance for any info!!!

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This is unlikely -
Without particular laboratoy rechniques it is impossible.
Hippeastrum is situated within the american branch of the amaryllidacean family tree, Crinum is in the african.
Family Tree by Alan Meerow and Jim Shieldshref>


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Lol, Thanks, I doubted it would work but it doesnt hurt to ask.

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Hans, you mean that it might be possible in laboratory environment? Or you are just guessing?

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Yes I read about a crossing experiment between Hippeastrum and Amaryllis belladonna which was carried out in a laboratory. But, there appeared no later news about the outcome of that very amalgamation between these Amaryllids of the American and the African branch...

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What two plants were used to create the Amarcrinum?? I was under the impression it was an amaryllis and a crinum... or are we talking about species when it comes to the Amarcrinum?

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

Amarcrinum is Amaryllis belladonna x Crinum moorei . Our "amaryllis" are actually Hippeastrum.

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Right... I knew Amarcrinum couldn't be a result of a hybrid hippi... I was just unsure what it was comprised of... I figured that one of the ancestors was a species... interesting...

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Does anyone know a source for unusual amaryllis and Hippeastrum hybrids?

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