Plants You Are Not Permitted to Grow in Japan

anzuume(9a Nagoya Japan)March 21, 2006

I happened to read the thread (not in GW but a gardening forum in Japanese) which was started by the one who was surprised at Coreopsis lanceolata's having been newly listed in the law about adventive animals and plants (I don't know the official English name of the law but the Japanese name is Gairai-Seibutsu-Hou.)

It made me think of listing, here in English for non-Japanese gardeners in Japan, the plants you are not permitted to grow in Japan. (Whoa, how should I combine those phrases into one sentence in English... just hope that makes sense.)

1. The law about adventive animals and plants (Gairai-Seibutsu-Hou.) The newest animal/plant list went into effect on 1 Feb 2006. The law says you cannot grow these plants in Japan.

* Coreopsis lanceolata

* Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

* Rudbeckia laciniata

* Senecio madagascariensis

* Veronica anagallis-aquatica

* Alternanthera philoxeroides

* Hydrocotyle ranunculoides

* Sicyos angulatus

* Myriophyllum aquaticum

* Spartina anglica

* Pistia stratiotes

* Azolla cristata

2. Before that law, you are never permitted to grow these plants in Japan by the other laws.

* Papaver setigerum

* Papaver somniferum

* Papaver bracteatum

* Cannabis sativa

Hope this helps. Happy gardening in Japan.


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In any quantity? I wonder if it's okay for home gardeners to grow the first list at least; or more importantly, if the law is actually enforced for home gardeners (and if so, how?).

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anzuume(9a Nagoya Japan)

I decided to post the lists here because home gardens are no exceptions.

As for the first list, I read in the official website of the law that people should apply for permission when they'd like to grow those plants in their home gardens (the fine is up to a million yen in the case of those plants' being found in home gardens without permission.)

This law is new, and I haven't heard about someone's being asked about his/her Coreopsis lanceolata etc., so I don't know what will happen actually. Anyway, I read the reasons why those plants are listed, and thought I could post the list here.

As for opium poppies, the law isn't new. I'm sorry but I don't feel like even googling about the punishment even though I know no one is watching me. You should report to public health center (hokenjo) or police immediately when you find those poppies.
I sometimes see gardeners' calling attentions each other on the internet because foreign nurseries (T&M etc.) sometimes enclose free seedbags of opium poppies.

And I don't think any excuses will work when you are found to have Cannabis sativa. Not only your plants but also you'll be taken away. The law about this plant isn't new, either.

Hope this helps.


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madeira(kanto, JAPAN)

I haven't gone through the whole list yet.. (my Latin is not good) so I hope I don't have any of those plants.

Marijuana grows wild around here, though. I doubt the police will go around arresting mountain spirits.

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