Malunggay or Moringa

fool4flowers(8)April 12, 2012

I am assuming they are the same plant. I just got some seeds and would like to grow them here. How hard would it be to grow them in a pot and take them inside the greenhouse in the winter. I assume I would have to restart with cuttings every year since they grow rapidly or can you cut it back each year? I can't find anything on how low a temperature it can tolerate and how large a pot would I need to use.

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yes, they are the same plant...they are easy to grow especially on hot temperatures, they like sandy, dry or moist soil they don't like too much water, i don't know how they will thrive on pots because here in the philippines we just sow or plant cuttings directly to the soil...on how low temperature they can tolerate i dont know too but im guessing they cant tolerate temperatures that are too low...

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

Most moringas will not tolerate frost. I have seen moringas in central florida (fort Pierce) that died back to the roots but came back vigorously in spring.

Moringas can be grown in pots, but they don't necessarily like it. In general they can be pretty leggy trees, but can be pruned to be more bushy.

Overwintering in the greenhouse and planting from cuttings in spring doesn't seem like an awful idea. I believe they are commercially grown as an annual from seed in some places - though surely not cold climates. Anyway, good luck!

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ju1234((8 Dallas TX))

This Moringa tree sounds like a miracle thing. Does any one have couple of seeds or cuttings to share? I am in Texas. If yes, please indicate so, I will give my address. Thanks.

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