Tsau Ping Lak, Atalantia buxifolia

zorba_the_greek(9)April 11, 2009

If you Google the Atalantia buxifolia (formerly Severinia buxifolia) you will find several credentialed sites and publications with degreed authors saying the citrus tree has an edible part. Almost all the experts say the leaves are used to make a yeast roll in Chinese cooking. At least one book says the berries are used to make the yeast rolls. Which is it? Leaves or berries? And how are they used?

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It's most both, though some people might use leaves, others the berries. I'd assume at least the grapes are allowed to ferment in order to create the yeast. This method is used in Europe and here for artisanal breads. Most of what you found in your research appears to be all from the same source.

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A few plant leaves contain something that helps things ferment. I saw it after watching a bunch of YT videos about fermenting. After all, long time ago, there were no yeast packets for sale.

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