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locsinladyMay 7, 2008

Having lived in apartments for years I now have a good sized plot of land, mainly scrub and lots of rocks in the Visayas, Philippines. Although I was a keen gardener many years ago in UK I am a complete novice in Asia.I don't know what seeds will grow and when to plant them and haven't been able to find Philippines in any zone tables. Can any one suggest where I find help ? I have not been able to locate any books for Asia gardeners? Any recommended garden supply centres maybe Manila or Cebu that I could visit when I am passing through? I would like to plant some fruit trees, grow some simple vegetables and then landscape the remaining area.

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I suggest you visit The Manila Seedling Bank located at EDSA corner Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. Lots of fruit bearing trees suited for the Philippine climate are being sold there. They also sell lots of vegetables seeds. Just ask where the office of the Manila Seedling for the fruit bearing trees and vegetables. For the landscaping part, lots and lots of ornamental plants are also available there.

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Welcome to tropical gardening paradise! In the Philippines as well as in other Southeast Asian countries with tropical climates, there's no specific growing season. You can grow anything and everything any time of the year as there is no winter, autumn or spring. It's like having only dry summer and wet summer (dry season and wet season).

However, there are some short-lived crops that do have a typical 'planting' season, like rice or corn. Generally, these crops are sown during the wettest months of the year, (June and July) as the farmers will have no problem watering them due to the heavy rainfall. They can be planted other times of the year but they need to be watered so costs to grow them can be higher.

Regarding plant nurseries in Cebu, Philippines, I think there are plenty. For fruit trees, you can go visit the DEPARTMENT of AGRICULTURE or its cooperative (CENVIPNUMCO) in Mandaue City. In Cebu City you can go to plant nurseries in Pit-os Talamban, Cebu City. In Lapu-lapu City, (Mactan Island), you can visit Bulacan Gardens for its wide selection of ornamental and landscaping plants or Sol's Garden or Leah's Botanical Garden near the city proper.



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hi tropical, I'm from Cebu.. I'm planting herb seeds right now. But I am hoping that my thyme seeds will germinate. This is my first time in gardening or planting and I bought a book and visited websites but I like here the most. Reading all of the information about gardening, I am confused because most of the how to guides are based outside of my country and confused whether it is hotter in here, fearing my young plants will wilt. Can you give me some advise? Do you know were can I buy some nurseries here in Cebu? Especially Thyme..

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From BOhol here. We have some orchids at various places. There is collective of people near the market at Island City Mall, and once in a while some different orchids other than the regular dendrobiums and vandas. But nothing named much.
Just not a society with enough money for anything different.

I would like to visit places or shows in Cebu where I could find something unusual and interesting in orchids. Any ideas when or where, other than on Mactan Isl, or 2 hours out of town?

Any growers who occasionally have things for sale from their collection?


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Hello to everybody,
can somebody tell me where we can buy over here in Cebu vegetable seeds, garden soil, Bermuda or Carabao grass, and what else is needed to make a nice vegetable garden.

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I already been in the philippines and i know some fruit their you can plant..I think you already know about can but i seed of manggo but it is really takes time to grow and the very best fruit you can plant for me their is banana.because banana can grow anywhere..and you don't need to buy seed it will grow more and more..

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I grow up in the Philippines, a small town in Badian Cebu. Depending on where you are, there are always government offices.

We own a small farm, so what grow in there is what we eat.
We grow our own green onion, eggplant, okra, tomato, peppers, various kinds of beans.

Trees grow from our own seeds (those you can get from grocery, save the seeds) : Avocado, soursoup, cherimoya, mango (takes long to get a fruit), jackfruit, banana, pomegranate, pomelo, lemons, corn, cassava, eddoes (colocasia esculenta), sweet potatoes (Ipomea spp).

Herbs: Lemon grass, basil, thyme, sage, ginger.

Since it was a small town, we just gather seeds from neighbors or we have a farmers market and they always have young seedlings old. A neighbor usually trade with us to save batches of seeds during planting season.

Fertilizer: we make our own composted manure from our chicken poultry, cows and pigs. Commercial fertilizer is available readily.

Visit your local market, what is sold in there is grown in nearby farms.

Contact me if you need seeds, my family save lots of seeds, so we can give you some.

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