Minimum pot size

brigarif KhanFebruary 4, 2013

The bigger the better and some friends have recommended up to 16 inch pot for a single bulb.
When you want to create an Amaryllis garden in pots, keeping in view the logistic problems, you would like to use the smallest adequate pot for a single bulb.
Recently I have transferred over 300 bulbs from ground to pots. I chose 10 inch diameter backed clay pots. I have also planted a few in 8 inch pots for comparison.
All pots are placed at roof top and will get shade of a green net during summer.


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Arif that's quite the undertaking, what caused you to dig up all of you flowers and put them in pots

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brigarif Khan

Two reasons;
Had lost the track of all my favourites, now I will be able to organise them in a better way, secondly I needed space for the Day lily bed.

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brigarif Khan

a, I lost the track of my favourites and for better organisation.
b, Needed the bed for my new venture DAYLILIES.

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Wow... potting up that many bulbs is a big task! I hope you had plenty of help! A rooftop garden... it makes great use of space and should provide some additional insulation to the building. A win-win plan! -Tina

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Arif,

Do you ever go through and cut bulb necks to clean them up? When all the leaves have faded and the neck gets dry and narrow, I find it helps to open up my bulb necks a bit with a clean cut and a dusting with Captan or flowers of sulfur. That gives more room for scapes and leaves to emerge without being pinched. It's lots if work, but I do it in batches.

Glad that you got this done as it will make it easier to track (hmm... Don't I remember you saying you weren't going to track any more a few years ago.... And I thought 1) I'm too obsessive to not track my plants and 2) wonder how long that will last?!) Glad that you have found this manageable way to work with and enjoy your blooms. Bet the Archie will have the most beautiful roof in the world!!

Stay well my friend!

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brigarif Khan

Kristi, thank you.
These pots are at roof of my house.

The practice of cutting the leaves at the base of neck and keeping the upper half of bulb exposed is being observed by me but I am not convinced of any advantage gained by it other than the neat look of new leaves.
Amaryllis study group advocated that a 4X4 tile be placed below each bulb to prevent it from getting pulled down. According to them the pressure on the neck of a buried bulb prevents the scape to emerge I do not think so.
How deep the bulb gets pulled down? Is it trying to reach its natural depth? If so then it cannot be detrimental.
I transfer seedlings to beds every year with their necks �-1 inch deep, a few bloom after 22 months and remaining baring a few in third year, by then most of them are one to one and a half inch below the surface. This time I will leave a patch as it is to observe for next few years.
I planted the bulbs in the picture below 4 years ago Misc 2013

Now these bulbs get only an hour of direct sun, they have broadest long leaves produce big flowers every year on a tall stalk, as you can see they have not pulled themselves down at all.

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lomodor(6) alot of plants !! :)
i know these are tiny now.. ?? and maybe its not for
this thinking of putting my amaryllis
bulbs right into compost/soil this summer..
my thinking is to let them get really BIG..
anyone else find this so??
good luck to you with all those bulbs !!

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brigarif Khan

Hello, Lomodor, The bulbs in pot are all a few years old, they have been shifted from bed to pots.

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