Curry Leaf (Murraya koenigii) tree - A complete guide to growing

djkj(9b)May 3, 2014

See this video about step to step details on how to grow the Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya koenigii). This plant is a little difficult to grow in cooler weather so this technique of propagating will ensure you will always have a supply in your kitchen!

What methods do you folks use for cultivating it? Any more tips would also be great. In California (US Zone 9B) this plant grows vigorously from Spring thru Fall and then goes into hibernation till the next Spring.

They are still more hardy than I thought they would be! I would like to know if you grow this plant in your backyard and any tips for growing it better :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Curry Leaf Plant Garden Growing Guide

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plantsforever(zone 6)

I've grown them for years in pots in my backyard. The place is basically shady with some sun in the afternoons. I seldom fertilize them and get plenty of leaves and berries to start more if I wish. I repot them every other year in fresh potting soil and take them in during the cold winters here.

The first one I got about twenty years ago was chewed to the roots and I just left it. About a month or so later I was surprised when I noticed a new plant coming up from the roots. That was the starter plant I still have.

I propagate from both seed and the plants that come up from the roots. Very easy to grow!

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I have seeds coming soon - could you share your propagation methods?

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Here is a complete guide to grow Curry Leaf from Seed to tree, See link:

Edit: I saw the link has already been posted, however posting it since I already created one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Curry Leaf from seed to tree

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Yeah, I saw that - probably just after it first went up. I was hoping for some first hand advice. I'll have them in a south facing window that gets sun literally all day, and I'll use a seed mat to keep the temp at about 80F. Also a humidity hood, until they sprout.

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Well they arrived today so it's a done deal. I hope I didn't do anything wrong. At first I thought the fruit was still green and my heart dropped. But I went ahead and soaked them prior to cleaning them off.

Then I realized they had ALREADY been cleaned off (they were shipped in damp sphagnum moss so they didn't dry out). This after they'd been soaking awhile - and my heart dropped again, when I realized some of them had split open to the center from being in the water.

I got 24 of them and all were showing cotyledons. So even if I oversoaked a few, I think at least some of them may survive to seedling-hood.

Unfortunately since I wasn't expecting them until next week, I don't have my seed mat yet - but should have it before the end of the week. Hopefully they won't be set back much by a few days at 74ish temps (instead of 80ish).

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