Where can I buy a Neem tree?

vml68(6)May 8, 2006

I am looking for a neem tree (not a curry leef tree!) to grow as an indoor/outdoor plant. Anyone one know where I can buy or order one online?

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kalpana(Sugar Land Tx)

try this site banana-tree

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Hi I am from Mumbai, India. I got two saplings of neem. If you like I can send you neem seeds which is available plenty in my area and its germinates very well.

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Yesterday I went for a walk in the morning and was walking under the neem trees and searched for the fallen neem seeds, but I could not get any ripe fruits containing seeds except some unripe one which I think will not germinate properly. I think I have to wait for two weeks more to get good seeds.

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Anyone willing to ship Neem seeds to the USA? Or, if you live in the USA and have saplings I am looking for two or three neem tress. I can trade or send payments by PayPal which accepts & converts most currencies.

I am looking for unusual heirloom or hybrid varieties that have not been genetically or DNA alterted.

Grains (rice), plants, trees, shrubs, ornimental, vegitables, fruits...I am pretty much interested in it all except if it has been genetically/DNA altered.

I grow ornimental plants like African Violets and also need a very old African Violet called Calico Kitten.

I have Eucalyptus seeds and saplings...when in season.

Ivy seeds...verigated, fast growing and good for privacy.

Privet seeds...(a very fast growing tree good for hedges and trees to about 12 to 15 feet...great for privacy.

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hi, In June I may send u few neem seeds. also few Parijat seeds. Have u any source to send me few Magnolia stelleta and virginiana seeds. I love magnolia varieties.. Thank U. Chanchal , India ...gQ

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Go to the local nursery and I'm sure you will be able to find one. I live in country and we have neem trees growing on their own.

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Just saw this while searching where to get neem tree in uk. Is there anybody could help me on this please?

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I have a few hundred small neem trees for sale in the Netherlands.

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