Summer Blooms and Foliage from Pakistan (Pic heavy)

izharhaqMay 31, 2010

Hi all,

Let me share with you, my summer garden:





Haemanthus and Dwarf Canna "Lucifer"

Calla lily:


Thai Aglaonemas:

Happy gardening,


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I love them! Thanks for sharing. It's always fascinating seeing pictures from around the world. : )

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Lovely plants and garden! The Caladium is my fav. Is Karachi considered temperate or sub-tropical? Do you have very cold winter? Thanks for sharing.

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... Thank you so much for the lovely compliments, yes Karachi is sub-tropical, Caladiums are my favorite too... especially the Thai ones... but unfortunately they are not available in my region... i just acquired one plant from the Annual flower exhibition here in Karachi which was (according to the importer) mistakenly arrived along with The plant went dormant shortly, but 'm glad its coming back... the colors and varieties fascinate me greatly...

Following is my last fall season annual collection :



Nasturtiums: (very fragrant)



its becoming too pic heavy!!!,..enjoy..


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interesting to see so much of what you are growing is the same as we are able to grow in Canadian Summers.

I was sort of surprised that we grow each much of the same plants

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Hi Diane,

The second bunch of pics are from my garden in winter (fall) season, we have mild winters, even most Caladiums do not go dormant in our winters (minimum temp around 10* C)

But the summers are quiet hot (maximum temperatures around 40* C)


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I grow mostly fruit trees but I have to say your garden is very beautiful Izhar. I picked up a small Arabian Jasmin today but after seeing your pictures I will be looking for some Dahlias to add to my garden. That one big yellow one you have looks amazing. I have done some online research already and know they will grow here. The only thing I could not find online is what they smell like. I would like to think they smell like a giant rose but I haven't a clue. Can you give me a hand and tell me what yours smells like?

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Thank you so much for the compliments...:)

Although most Dahlias lack fragrance, but a variety known as "Dahlia Hy Scent" is slightly fragrant...

the big yellow one here is "Dahlia Kelvin floodlight"


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Mr. Izhar,love your flowers Mashallah.
I'd like to know what cosmos flowers are called in urdu and whether they're easy to find at nurseries in Karachi.
Plus is it a seasonal flower or does it grow all year round?

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