How to cultivate/maintain a contained 'mini-grove' of bamboo?

dragonfly_wings(Z8 - Central TX.)May 22, 2010

I'm considering planting bamboo near an outdoor residential entrance in a 4' x 8' area contained by 4" thick concrete walls that go down about 2 feet with open bottom. The top of the walls are pretty much level with the soil surface (a few inches higher). Nothing to restrict bamboo height. It will get part shade. I'm in Z8.

Bamboo variety will be black (Phyllostachys nigra).

Will this work? What happens when it becomes dense with mature bamboo? Will it just stop putting out new culms when it fills the space? Will the mature canes be long-lived or will they die pretty regularly and need to be pruned so new ones grow? Water needs once established?

In other words, what can I expect to happen and how should this mini-grove be maintained to keep it healthy and happy and not a menace?

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