Help! Identify house plants I bought in Zheijiang province China

tokoloshe75June 25, 2007

Can Anyone help us identify these 4 plants we bought. I have uploaded the pictures. The link is

Any Help as to how much water and how to look after them would be appreciated


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daai_tou_laam(Hong Kong)

stephsplant is a "lucky bamboo", which isn't really a bamboo, but dracaena sanderiana

damiensplant looks to me like some sort of taro relative.

tonysplant looks to me like a dracaena, perhaps dracaena cambodiana

and houseplant looks like another dracaena, perhaps dracaena fragrans

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Thanks daai_tou_laam!

Hope I'm not pushing my luck but would you have any tips on looking after these plants and how much water they need

Thanks again

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Hi tokoloshe

Do you know Torreya jackii a native of Zheijang province?
China im looking for seeds

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