Any Indians living in India here? Import restrictions.

vivek.mJune 23, 2006

Hey! Hello, My name is Vivek and i'm from Bangalore, India. Wanted to know if there were any Indian's who ship plants and cuttings to India. I wanted to know if there were any import restrictions and how much it costs? I don't want the cops barging in to my house and umm..hehe i can't imagine a indian cop barging in *grin* anyway..

I'm on the look for Plum, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Lingoberry and other tasty fruit not grown in India. This is for my home-garden. Umm. i'm a student doing my EEE and a newbie gardner. 20 USD/month is my limit..

Mail me: That is if you don't want to post here/ I'll drop in from time to time to check.

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Vivek, plants like strawberry and plum are easily available in almost all the hill-stations close to you. Try Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, etc.
If this is for your home garden I dont think it will be worth going to all the trouble of getting an import license, etc. Instead you could ask some of the big nurseries / growers who already have import licenses (most of them do) to order it for you and you could buy it from them.

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Hello Sunita, Hi! Yep this is for my home-garden. If you have the email-address or the postal-address/telephone-no of importers then it would be great if you gave them to me. I'll try googling them anyway. I'm in college so i don't get to travel much, right now. Is a import license compulsory? I mail-order CD's, books and small-parts from ebay/Amazon and have never had any problems, but i hear plants and seeds are different.

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Vivek, sorry about the delay in replying but I havent been online for sometime now.
I dont know of anyone who specialises in importing plants but most big plant nurseries usually do have import licences. Most of them will oblige by adding your plants to their list when they order.
Works out much like getting a book that you want through a bookstore... even if it isnt available with them, they'll place an order for you.

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DrHorticulture_(Z3 Central Saskatchewan)

Bangalore has no cool season. You may be able to get away with strawberries, but the other plants are NOT going to do well. I suggest you look for cultivars that have been bred for zero chilling (in India or any other tropical country). I know they developed a peach like that in India. You won't have much luck trying to grow a European/North American cultivar in a tropical climate. Even California and Florida have cooler winters than Banglore.

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