How to grow arbi or chamadumpa

usha_gardenerJune 7, 2010

I bought some chamadumpa (arbi). SInce they were left in a pantry they started to grow roots. Can someone tell me how to grow them. Is the procedure similar to growing potatoes or is it different?


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Just plant them in pot or in ground with some organic matter tilled in... they require high level of moisture and frequent watering if in full sun... partial shade works best for them... in the pots they require a general purpose liquid fertilizer every second to third week, less frequent if in ground, dig them out before the first frost and after drying them out for three to four days, store them in dry peat or similar dry material...


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I planted some store bought chamadumpalu and they are not coming up. Probably I made the mistake of cutting each dumpa into 2 pieces, like I used to do for potato. Can some one confirm that chamadumpalu are NOT supposed to be cut for planting purposes? Thanks.

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