Leaf growth & Leaf bud growth advice needed

padma_2009June 2, 2009


I have just started an edible backyard with some Asian fruit plants that i bought online. The plants are just 2 feet tall with just 6-9 leaves on it. I would love to have any advice on growing lushier green plants. I dont want the plants to flower or fruit as yet but I need to know if there is any spray for making the leaves and leaf buds to grow more vigorously. Been browsing the net for such stuff and found a 'Grow N Spray'.. has anyone used it before? Thanking you all in advance... :)


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I just put my plants in ground about 10 days ago. I did not add anything but I added some dry cow manure which I got from a nearby farm. I am watering it and as I live in Phoenix, the temps reach to 120 F for some days. So I was considering a little shade with burlap cloth on stakes. Do u think it is a good idea? I have heard of 'Spray N Grow' do u have any idea about it. My plants r just 2-3 feet tall and have around 10 leaves on it. So I want to help it in increasing the leaf and leaf bud growth. Any suggestions would be of great help.


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what all fruit plants you got?
just spray them liquid soap with water mixture...it will help...soap will act as layer.

then u can put some neem leaf down..it will help.

Tobacoo juice is best....miz tobaco juice with garlic and mix with water and spray....it will kill anything and won't harm plants.

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