Do I need to dry bitter gourd seeds?

orchid24June 12, 2011

I have ripe bitter gourd seeds (from store bought vegge). Can I sow them directly in the soil or do I need to dry them & sow. Please suggest me.

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If you're talking about momordica charantia, or bitter melon, then normal practice is to let the seeds dry in the red aril before sowing. However, I've only ever seen people save the seeds of a ripe fruit for next year's planting, so I suppose it's possible (but unlikely) that the immature seeds will sprout.

A store bought fruit will ripen at room temperature, especially if you place it in a bag with ethylene producing bananas or apples.

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Thanks. Yeah it's bitter melon. I have 6 seeds.
Planted 2.
Drying 2. (at first worried about their viability)
Missing 2 that I put in a wet towel.
Have to see which one will work.

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Yes, I would dry them first. Bitter Melon is a hot weather plant. My experience is that if just put them in a tray of potting soil about one inch deep and keep them watered, when it gets warm enough for them they will come up, that is if the seed are viable.
Then I transplant to one gallon pots of the same potting soil and let them grow until they are about one foot tall. Then I plant them in the garden and provide something for them to climb on. You may have to help them get started climbing up the trellis.

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