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evelynguoJune 10, 2009


I really appreciated your help. I bought my house 6 years ago. The soil is clay type. I planted tomatoes, cucumber, beans, and peppers. It was fine for the first several years. Start from 3 year before, the plant grow really slow, and the edge of leaf turn yellow. The bigger plant is ok. However, if I just put the plant in when it is really small, most of them are died. I put manual, pet moss, top soil and balanced fertilizer in. I also put miracle grow in. It seems don't work.

This year, the same things happened. My plants are dying. Please help. Please let me know how I can check my soil and determine what's wrong.

Thank you so much!!


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have you thought about testing your soil? the local county extension offices administer soil tests for a small fee (mine here in nj charged me $15). if manure, peat moss and fertilizer do not work, it sounds like something might be really wrong with your soil. only a soil test will tell you. once you get the results, you can go look on the soil forum here on gardenweb to find out how to fix whatever the problem is. hope this helps.

i had heavy clay soil here in nj, and got a soil test done. nothing was too bad, it just needed a lot of compost mixed in to lighten the soil. all my vegetables are doing very well. it sounds like you are doing the same thing and your plants are dying, so it's probably somethign else that's causing it.

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