Do you see any difference?

haxuan(Vietnam)February 9, 2012

Could someone confirm whether these two blooms are similar or different?

Many thanks for your confirmation.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

while the top bloom isn't completely open so as to look at the petal shape, I would have to say based on coloration, markins, anthers, etc...they are the same. Also the top one is slightly fuzzy, but they sure look the same to me!

Now Xuan, what is the real question? Is on a mislable??

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To me they look the same also, both look like Exotic Star wannabes..they just looked a bit stressed, (shape, form and color not up to standard) the top one in particular...What are they supposed to be?


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Many thanks to Kristi and Donna.

I have had these two bulbs. The second one was given me by Maria (from this forum) more than three years ago and was labelled Exotic star.

But I don't know where I got the first one; it could have been grown from seeds given me by some other friends.

Donna, you were right... the second one was stressed 'cause it was almost neglected since I mistook it for a common red NOID :( My bad.

Again, many thanks my friends.

By the way I wish to share photos of my two blooms, grown from seeds given by Elizabeth/Ann.

Both have Charisma as one of the parents, I was informed.

Thanks for looking.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)
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