Day lily buds

l_james(mo5)July 27, 2010

I grow the day lily "Citron", Its suppose to be an edible one from China. They're OK but can you pickle them or use them in a stir fry or do you just eat them raw?

I also grow another type of day lily called "Buttered Popcorn". It has a much larger bud than the "Citron". It taste about the same. Are these edible too?

Does anybody like the day lily buds and eat them regularly or eat them when in season?

Any information would be much appreciated.

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I know that daylillies are an ingredient in hot and sour soup. They're called "golden needles"...

From Wikipedia:

The flowers of some species are edible and are used in Chinese cuisine. They are sold (fresh or dried) in Asian markets as gum jum or golden needles (éé in Chinese; pinyin: jÄ«nzhÄn) or yellow flower vegetables (é»è±è in Chinese; pinyin: huánghuÄcà i). They are used in hot and sour soup, daylily soup (ééè±æ¹¯), Buddha's delight, and moo shu pork. The young green leaves and the tubers of some (but not all[citation needed]) species are also edible. The plant has also been used for medicinal purposes. Care must be used as some species of lilies can be toxic.

Hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Daylily @ Wikipedia

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