bottle gourds

j7956July 26, 2011

hi, can someone pls advise me how to save my bottle gourds, they grow 2-4 inches long then turn brown and fall off. Likewise with the male flowers, they turn brown and then fall off from the stem before they even get a chance to bloom. I water them daily, although the plants are in a pot, but have proper drainage i.e. extra holes had been drilled, then stones had been put at bottom of the pot and soil on top. I am getting stressed as the leaves seem very healthy, but no fruit.

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I have never grown then in pots but I do know that they get deep roots. is your pot big enohgh?

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they are actually planted in large bins, lol. it was my mother's idea. However, the leaves on the vine is very healthy. Last couple of days, i have notice a few bottle gourds larger than the usual dying ones, fingers cross, maybe they would survive. couple of weeks ago i have began to hand pollenate the female flowers. only time will tell whether they survive or not. I am keeping my eyes on those bottle gourds.

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That happens a lot when they are young. The next ones should start to hang on and grow. If its really hot they will drop off too.

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