sambac jasmine

angelh(11/CA)July 20, 2006

Two years ago I planted my Sambac Jasmine in the ground. It flourished and gave me over a hundred flowers every day. Last year, it did not have much new growth, but still had flowers-- about half as many as the year before. This year, most of the leaves have fallen even though it still tries to bloom. It is getting as much, if not more, water than the first year. It gets part sun. It's got fertilizer. It is mulched. Can anyone point out to me what's wrong?

This is actually the second time I have this happened to me with the Sambac Jasmine.

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Have you tried pruning it? Perhaps a little trim to take out old branches and encourage new growth will get it back on track.


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When the leaves died off, I cut off the smaller branches, leaving only the thicker ones. So far, I have not seen new growth.

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Don't be afraid to cut into the thicker stems to encourage growth from them. It's the new growth and younger stems that produce buds and bloom. Make sure they are watered regularly and fertilized as they are actively growing.

Good luck!


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Thank you.

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