completely yellow lucky bamboo stalk

Puchinita5July 3, 2014

Hi everyone.

A friend of mine is going out of town for a month and asked me to watch her lucky bamboo.

When I received her lucky bamboo, it was two bamboo in a large glass container, water halfway covering the roots. One bamboo looks alright and green, but the other is COMPLETELY yellow. It's about a 4 foot bamboo with about 2 inches of green stalk. So pretty much completely yellow.

I haven't ever done much research on lucky bamboo since my own lucky bamboo have always done really well, but from the limited reading i have done, I am under the impression that yellow is BAD and you should cut away all yellow parts of a lucky bamboo.

But since this isn't my own bamboo, I don't want to do anything to it other than care for it. Nothing cosmetic, so to speak. I'm wondering if I should maybe have the two bamboo in separate containers, making sure the roots are completely covered in water? Or is it okay that they share a large container with sufficient water?

I feel like the yellow one is just gone for good, but I would like to keep it in as best shape as possible since again, it's not my plant!

Is there anything that could be done to reverse the yellow?

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So when your friend came back, had the bamboo survived ok?

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Nope, sadly it didn't survive! The yellow part quickly became shriveled and dried up. Interestingly, the bottom part that was green survived despite the rest of the plant decaying away, even while leaving the dying part on it for weeks. I eventually cut the dead part off and just had the tiny little 2 inch bamboo with one shoot of leaves to give back to her, but she decided to just throw it out. The other plant that was green was also fine.

Oh well! Tried my best. She didn't seem surprised or disappointed to learn the yellow bamboo died.

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