Voila. The full Monty!

jacqui.kamFebruary 25, 2011

Dear Kristi, Donna and Barbra, I tried to take this in sunlight rather than with flash, hence the shadows. Hope you can see how gorgeous she is. Is she a Red Lion? She is truly blood red, red stamens, white end to pistil (?) and pale yellow bits on the end of the stamens. Sorry not very technical. I shall need your advice for later when she has finished flowering. Love Jacqui

De Nikon Pictures

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Your "Full Monty" ( I saw that one))appears (to me) to be a Red Lion. I'm sure there will be other opinions, looks great..! I don't know whether you want seeds, but one stigma looks like it begging already...


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Jacqui....OOOOOOOO!!! So lovely! I concur with Donna that she is a red lion. See how some of the petals have a nearly white tip? I recall someone on this list (years ago) pointing that out as a characteristic. SHE IS SOOOO LOVELY!! I think you might want some seeds! Could you see beds full of these beautiful blooms?

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Hi Kristi and Donna,
Thanks for your lovely messages. Now tell me about getting seeds. Do I have to pollinate her and how? I am a complete
tyro on this. Do I need another plant or can I self pollinate her. Please describe the sexy details and what I have to do to harvest seeds. She is stll looking beautiful. Love Jacqui

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You'll notice on your picture..the right hand flower..the stigma has opened it's three lobes and has curled up. When it does that it is ready for pollen. You can self it just by using a Q-tip or your finger to lightly brush the pollen on the open stigma. If you self it you most likely get red flowers similar to the parent. If you happen to have pollen from another flower of a different color, you can give that a try also but keep in mind that when you plan to pollenate with a different color flower it is advisable to remove the pollen sacks from the flower before the sigma becomes ready to accept pollen since just moving the plant can jar the pollen and accidentaly self pollenate your flower, it happens all the time. Don't be afraid to dust all your flowers with pollen as they may not all take.

If you are successful, in a few days you will notice that the pedicel (the short stem that attached the flower to the scape) will grow longer. If that happens and the pod starts to look like a miniature green bell pepper then you are on your way. Just wait and check back with us for further details, it should take between 4 to 6 weeks for the seedpod to mature.

I'm sure Kristi will fill in what I may have left out....

Happy pollinating.


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Hi folks, I have been pollinating all afternoon, a different Q-tip for each bloom. Masses of pollen has fallen down and my dog, Sidney, has hayfever! What do I do about watering etc? the same as usual? She still looks great tho each flower is covered in pollen. Will keep an eye out for the miniature green bell you mentioned Donna, and report back. Jacqui

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Jacqui, Be aware that amaryllis pollen is poisonous to cats and I would assume the same might go for dogs, better safe than sorry. Make sure you wash the pollen off of your dogs fur before he laps it!!!! I'm serious!!!


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Thanks Donna for your advice about the pollen and small animals. I have put the plant outside immediately, as I also am looking after 2 other small dogs as well as mine. Will it be OK under cover at night down to about 6C (42F) but inside the shutters against the house on window sill?
Also what do I do about the flowers which are starting to die off? Just leave them and wait for seeds? We are surrounded by mimosa all in flower. Beautiful but lots of pollen. Jacqui

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Hi Jacqui,

If you think the temps will go too low, just leave your plant inside on a table..just not on the floor. Dogs won't jump up on tables as cats will and cats brush up against everything and that can dislodge the pollen. Didn't mean to alarm you, just wanted you to be aware.

As far as the dying flowers, some people just leave them on or you can snip half of the dried flower off, just leaving an inch or two attached to the bulblet. I usually just leave them alone, but sometimes I get in a neat mood (not often) and snip them to make them look neater.

We too have a Mimosa tree, but it's planted in the wrong place and the only ones who can enjoy the flowers are the birds!! I know how lovely they can be.. :-)


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