nyctanthes arbor-tristis night jasmine

tina_123August 16, 2007

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting in this forum. I want to grow this plant , one of my favourites from India. Please let me know if you can spare some seeds. I know the plants are grown in the warmer states. I live in CT, USA. I am attaching a picture for the same. Thanks.

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Hi Tina,
You may see that I have posted couple of posting regarding this plant. I am also interested in growing this plant. If you have luck in finding seeds let me know. Meanwhile, if I find it, will let you know.

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I found that allseasonseeds carry the seeds and they have no minimumpurchase now. They take payment with paypal. So, I have mailed them and asked details as to how many seeds per pack,germination efficiency, how long it will take to deliver etc. If they get back to me, I plan to buy from them.

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allseasonsseeds is the worst place to order seeds!. I placed the order for same seeds and did not receive them event after 8 weeks. When checked with Mr.Gil--he said that some times it takes time and he would send me a free pack of seeds of his choice along with my orignal order. I did not see any seeds for about another two weeks. There was several correspondance with this Mr Gill and I realized that I am wasting time. That's when I cancelled my order--no use getting seeds in fall--right? I even doubt if his site is genuine. I am not discouraging you but a word or caution.

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Thanks for telling me this. I was worried about this same thing especially because I know that the tree will start flowering in India only from September. I guess I have to wait till my trip to India. I have seen small plants being sold but not seeds though. Lets keep each other informed. Thanks again.


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I found that Logee's sells the plant upon special order. I have ordered one and since I live in CT, I can just go and pick it up from their garden center. It costs just 10$ and I am very happy that I don't have to wait to find seeds and then wait a long while. I don't think it will be too far from NJ as well.


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Did you call them up and place order or just walkin for the plant?

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I called them up to place the order. They will start up a plant and it will be ready in about 2-3 months time.


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I tried growing from seeds which I got from India. My sister has a big tree. Did not work. I have a plant which bloomed beautiful last year...but sadly had fungus. It is doing ok now, but has NOT bloomed since. I ordered another plant this week. If anybody else has experience taking care of this plant please post....
Thanks, Swati

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Hi Swati,

May I ask where you ordered the Nyctanthes arbor-tristis from please? I am looking for a local source in N. California if possible. I found a source online, but its not only v expensive for 1 plant it works out to be almost $50 incl shipping, but they do not guarantee anything..
Thanks in advance!


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Hi Tina,
I am sending you an email.

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I have been looking for a nursery that sells Nyctanthes arbor-tristis or Parijat tree in California. I had brought back some seeds of the Parijat tree from India but have not had luck germinating them. Does anyone know how to germinate them or know of an outlet to purchase the plants?
I will be grateful for your tips and suggestions. Thanks Nirmala

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I live in Northern California.

I have been trying to get/grow this plant for the past two plus years. The mail order places I looked at in Florida seemed too expensive to buy a pig in a poke, and also talking to them didn't inspire much confidence.

The seeds I bought from India after much searching failed to germinate. Out of two dozen or so I planted not even one germinated.

This is a plant of my childhood memories. I am determined to grow this plant and live to see at least a dozen flowers. Failure is not an option!

Hope springs eternal.

There is some good news recently. I got a bunch of seeds by mail order. Of the half dozen or so I planted in small containers, four have germinated and grown to saplings of about couple of inches tall. This is the most progress I have made obviously, and it looks somewhat hopeful -- touch wood. Oh! I can't wait to touch the wood of the rough bark of my own pavazhamalli tree!

This project is about 3 weeks old and every day first thing in the morning I can't wait to check on them.

I would be happy to share my experience, pointers, and more with fellow Californians (Anu R, Nirmala?) Let me know how I can get in touch with you.

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i want to know when to plant this tree. its my most favorite flower.

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HI Nuttavan,
I really admire your inspiration and determination to grow Parijata. I felt very happy reading your post. You love your plants so dearly. Are they grown to big shrubs and flowering now? I have planted 3 saplings about 15 days back in big pots and really hoping to see Parijata flowers one day! when will that day come? what care should I give them? Any spl fertilizer? Your tips are greatly appreciated

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I have a medium sized plant that took 5 years to grow to this height. I bought it from Logees. It blooms right about this time and it is one of my favorite as well. I get around 200-300 flowers every season. It is now 7 ft tall, i live in the Phoenix area where it is hot in summer and cold in winter (it did freeze back one winter but came back in spring).

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ju1234((8 Dallas TX))

"Night Blooming Jasmine" that is what i thought you guys were talking about, but when i looked it up these two are different plants. Cestrum Nocturnum is Night blooming jasmine and I guess you guys are talking about night "flowering" jasmine, never seen one so i really don't know how it is different. I have "night blooming jasmine" which is great. Gets millions of small needle like flowers, not much to look at but great fragrance only at night. It does grow to 10 feet or more high outdoors in hot weather areas. Are Nycanthes flowers similar and have similar fragrance?

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archoo16(5b, MO)

I know this page is a little old, but I wanted to know how did it go? how are your parijatham doing?

Nuttavan, what do you think is the difference between the seeds from India and seeds bought here?

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I tried the seeds bought from top tropical.....
finally i ordered a plant as i was desperate for the plant of my childhood memories...
will update soon...

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My plant did not survive the travel from Florida.
Am not ready to give up yet....
A new batch of seeds are on the way!!!!
Will keep posting!

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WOW! I never realized there were so many of us determined folks trying to find this absolutely fantastic plant!

I guess we each have our childhood memories as the root cause for this hunt:-)

I am very hopeful that one of you will point me to a source where I can find it, and buy it:-)
If anyone has these pods or seeds -can you share? or sell it?

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I have tried total of six seeds witout luck.
But, a friend has donated 10 seeds from her big batch of seeds.
We are trying to get as many so, we can pass them around once successful.
Ok, as I was researching about this seeds,I found a comment on these seeds on Daves ---garden.
This person has basically tried as hard at home.
unfortunately, am not able to get the URL attached for safety reason.but, you can try this online and you will see the comments.
Also on ebay you get a batch of 50 seeds for 4 dollars!!
now we can liberally try this plant out.
starting new ones today!!!
Wish me luck!!

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randerso(9 SF Bay, CA)

From my experience so far, this is not the easiest plant to grow from seed. Either that, or the seeds I got sucked:) I was able to get one(1) lonely seed to germinate and it germinated in the wierdest way.It looked like 2 leaves directly on the ground for many weeks and then finally it sent a stem up.

Well, now I am attempting to germinate a large number of seeds. If I don't get many plants I will have to try to vegetatively propagate from the one I have growing once it gets larger.

I hope to grow enough to sell for charity in the spring but I am not sure at this rate.

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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)


I know this thread is old, but for those of you who still want to grow this plant from seed, there is a thread on the now blocked D***'s Garden :)

Just Google Nyctanthes arbor-tristis you can find it.

From what I understood, the best way is filing/ paper towel / zip lock method. (If you've grown Morning Glories, you know what I mean)
i.e. File the seeds.
Put in moist paper towel.
Put in ziplock.

Germination level 6:10.
Germination time approx. 10 days.

Needs warm temp 70ð F (21ðC)

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Finally ...... Got my first flower!!!!

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