Neem, Moringa and curry leaf plant

hemaSeptember 13, 2006

Hi, I am new here and I had a couple of questions about my plants. Since it gets very cold here, I have planted all these plants in a container. they seem to be growing well except curry leaf which is at a slow pace. I was wondering how much and what kind fertilizer to be used on them, and the amount of water.

Also my moringa leaves turn yellow and shed often and on. But ofcourse there is an abundance of green ones being born. Is that normal?

How long is it before I can see them bloom? Thanks for all your help.

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mangotogo(NorthQLD Aust)

Hi Hema,
I planted 2 neem trees on my property in North Queensland,dry tropics of Australia. Big mistake!They grow enormous just in 4 years and were flowering and fruiting by then. Self seeding everywhere. Each cost $6.00 to buy and $600 to remove. And they are still resprouting and I keep pulling small seedlings out all the time. They are supposed to have insecticidal properties but i could see all sorts of ants and caterpillars nesting in them.
Curry leaf is less of problem and should be ok as a potted specimen. Moringa I don't have any experience with but seems to grow as well here and in Bangkok. Pretty bad smell when fruits are rotting on the ground.
It's always a different story when dealing with the tropical regions....In Bangkok, I just stick something in the ground and it sprouts! As far as fertiliser: in Australia I use somethng called Dynamic lifter( based on chicken manure) In Bangkok I am limited to chemical granules, and foliage spray solutions.

Happy gardening,

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thanks a lot Mike. your information was very useful. thanks again

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Hema...Feed the plants according to the rate of growth.Lots of light needs plenty water.If you fertilise neem the branches break easily so ..just add the naturally sterilised soil when ever you need to..Curry leaf..needs to be on dry side.feed in spring once a year.Moringa.?.What variety?.

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john_in_thailand(Sub tropical, Aus.)

Hi Mike,
did you ever find a list of good nurseries in Thailand or can you recommend any?
I only know the one in Ekamai nr soi 6.

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Hi Hema,
I tried Moringa from seeds.They sprouted without any problems and shot up fast.But in the winter, I had to bring them indoors.They kept dropping leaves and looked sickly.They need PLENTY of sunlight,warmth and remain dry.Water only when the soil is very dry-- about once a week.

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I have lots of curry leaf plants here, in Texas. They grow like wild every where. I spray citrus with Neem. Well, I don't know anything about Moringa. Please tell me something about it. what is it for? Thanks! K.

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I have tried forever to grow curry leaf tree from seed but in vain. My mother, for the second time, got a bunch of seeds that fell from the curry "forest" growing in her backyard back in India. What steps do I need to take to have them sprout in a container. Is this a good time to sow them or do I wait till spring? If I dont sow them now, will they keep till the warm months come?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

If that curry leaf tree doesn't grow for you, there's usually several plants at the Indian grocery stores for sale.

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I planted a moringa seedling from Echo in 2001 here in Central water, sun and no freeze since then. The tree easily grows 20 feet a season. In fact I cut it back to six feet every year. My in-ground trees -- on a sandy hill -- do not turn yellow but a potted one I have does. Haven't figured out why but too much rain water could be a good guess. As far as the "fruits" smelling while rotting on the ground, as referenced above... my trees don't have "fruit" per se. They have long chili-pepper/okra looking seed pods which dry on the branch. The odd thing about the tree, besides its incredible growth rate here (yes 20 feet a season is conservative) is that the wood is extremely light and brittle. A man can easily break off a four-inch through 20-foot branch and carry it away.

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Iwould like to share the picture of Moringa I have grown.

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new_grdnr(z9 CA)

wow Chaman, your muringa picture looks yummy. I am a newbie from CA, planted few muringa seeds and one germinated just yesterday. I love the curry made with flowers & leaves of muringa. planning to try more seeds. Would like to know how fast they grow and how long before they bloom?

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Moringa takes about three years for flowering and fruits.It grows rpidly. It will attain the height of about 15 feet in the same time period.

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone spare me at least 2-3 curry plant seeds I have been trying to find them everywhere, with no luck. I am living in France now where the summers are really hot, so I thought it might grow well here.

Many thanks,

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I often cut off the fruit so I never knew there were seeds inside. I would see if I have any fruit left and would let you know if I have any seed to send to you.

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Can some one share a seed of moringa nad curry leaf to me ...

I have a 3 diffrent verity of curry leave plant and next posting will be how to care for it
e-mail me

i will send u a full line of how to care guide in mail
your help

by the way i have a curry leave but no froute ...that is the one i am looking for who get the seed ...mine grow from roots not from seeds

also i have mango trees and orenges also
this summer in 2007 i have grow a 2 sucessfully avacado plants
let see how it go in over winter and give feed back
also i got root of banana tree ther are 2 ft talll i just got 1 plant in 3 month ago it become a 2 nad 3rd small start comung out i will keep in eye also

if any one need tulsi seed let me know i will provide just e-mail yr adress and we will discuss


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Hey is there any suggestion to grow them in seattle where it rains endlessly.
i really want to grow curry leaves in container. plz tell me how shud i start.


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Curry died after a few months here in Denver. I grew it inside; not sure what I did wrong. I had it in an east window and watered it once a week. It was only about 5 cm tall when I got it. Do they need misting? Didn't seem like it. I have used neem for bugs; it is variably useful. I do recommend it for side effects from chlamydia; it also does well on sore throats(Pseudomonas possible cause). It is good for yeast infections; use it for the ones that are resistant to monostat.

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Dear friends an friends of Moringa, I have 2 questions:
1. Could moringa grow under dessert conditions ?
2. What quantity of freshwater needs a mature moringa tree daily during the vegetation season and during the inactivity season under dessert conditions ?
Thanks !

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Check out the websites such as: They may know whether it will grow in desert conditions. It seems like they will since they seem to be able to tolerate drought conditions.

I just bought some seeds from them. I am hoping that they will grow.

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vid_nand(Z 9 CA)

Hi Sagar,
I am looking for curry plants and tulsi seeds. Pls. lemme know if you can share with me.


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Please send me some Curry leaf plant seeds...neem seeds..Gooseberry seeds...moringa (drum stick) seeds..

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I am from the San Jose, California area. I have some Moringa seedlings. Is anyone interested in them?

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anithasudher, I am interested in a moringa olifiera seedling or two. I live in SoCal

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Many moriga seeds availble.
pls reply with seeds you got to exchange

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vid_nand(Z 9 CA)

Hi AnithaSudher,
I would like have one seedling if you still have them. I also live in San jose (near Dilworth elementary). Pls. let me know.



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I would like to have a seedling if u still have them.I live in WA state

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Have a Neem tree leaves pare turning yellow can anyone tell me why?

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If you live in Southern California, interested in curry leaf plants, email me.

This post was edited by shaanp on Fri, Jul 5, 13 at 0:38

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Moringa oleifera, Neem and Curry leaf plants. Neem will take max zone 10, in zone 9 the leaves become yellow in cold but once they are established they will withstand cold. Curry leaf in zone 9 does cause trouble and remains a bush or mini tree. Moringa will go from zone 8 to 11 easy, once established will withstand draught conditions. All three from South Asia enjoy tropical plus arid conditions but not much below -2c. In temperate Himalayan region they are not seen much. Established, winter dormancy, yes.

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I have also grown Moringa Oleifera from seed. I have noticed similar yellowing of leaves but new growth looks fine. It started happening since I moved it indoors due to cold temps outside. So I guess it's due to light issues. I have now moved it into my garage with my other tropicals that seem to be doing good so far under grow lights.

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Here is another photo showing some yellow leaves. This occurred before relocating it under grow lights. Otherwise the plant looks healthy. I had purchased the seed on eBay from some one in TX.

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I started some curry leaf seeds in small seed-starting containers last year. I lost several to drying out when I was out of town for a while, but they seem to be incredibly tolerant of dry soil - the little pots would often go completely dry between waterings. We get some freezing weather here in winter, so I brought them inside several times. The largest, in a 2-gallon nursery pot, is about 18" tall now and has just produced and ripened a few fruit. The rest are now in 1-gallon containers and are only about half as big. Now that they are accustomed to their pots they tolerate both dry spells and weeks of near-daily torrential rain. They seemed to give a little spurt of growth when I added some balanced fertilizer with micro-nutrients, but they tolerate a lot of neglect.

My wife thinks the leaves smell terrible and won't allow them in our food. Oh well...

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I'm looking for a curry plant or Murraya koenigii (in plant or seedling form), where can I pick one, in Bellingham, WA, or Vancouver, BC (Canada)? Or would love if any kind soul could donate me a couple of seeds, would love to have fresh leaves for cooking for a change, instead of dried leaves.

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Logee's nursery has seedlings, as does Bhatia Nursery. Bhatia has 3 different kinds.

Bhatia Nursery Curry Leaf plant

Logee's curry leaf plant

I have not purchased plants from Bhatia but know of others who have. I did purchase a couple of plants from Logee, but lost them in a move after just a few weeks.

This year I am getting seed from an acquaintance in Hawaii - but the seeds are quite fragile and tender. Also, I have never tried to start curry leaf from seed. So I'm not sure whether or not I'll actually get any seedlings this year.

If nothing comes up for me, I'll probably break down and buy some plants - but they are quite expensive once you take shipping and handling into account, so I'm hoping that I'll get a good result from the seeds.

And before anyone asks - no, my acquaintance does not have any extra seeds this year. Maybe next year though. I'll keep in touch and post about this time next year if there are seeds to be had. Or at least I'll TRY, LOL!

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If you live in Southern California, interested in Curry leaf Plants,
Email me at

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Hey, another source for the plants, in NJ:

Curry Leaf Plant from Seeds of India

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