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mangotogo(NorthQLD Aust)September 16, 2006

Hi, would anyone know of any plant group meetings in Bangkok? I have been going to Chatuchak markets and bought some interesting tropical plants but would like to know more about the local gardening scene.I live half of the time here in bangkok and half the time in North Queensland Australia

Thank you,

Mike in Thonglor

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sunnybalcony(Z5b KS)

Hi Mike,
I am not sure whether it's too late. Have you been visited the pantip website. It's a very nice plant lover community on the web for Thai people (similar to gardenweb). The only thing is that it's a Thai language website. But I'm sure you will get many friends there that are able and willing to talk to you. here is the link:

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mangotogo(NorthQLD Aust)

Thank you so much Sunnybalcony. My partner can help me with the Pantip site. I am returning to Bangkok in 3 weeks.The garden has grown a lot in the last 6 weeks. Orchids purchased at jatujak just before I left are in bloom.

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sunnybalcony(Z5b KS)

You're welcome, Mike. It sounds nice...orchids 're in bloom. BTW, I like the name...mangotogo. There always are mangoes for to go in Thailand. :)

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