Lucky Bamboo leaves are growing in yellow

yogajoyOctober 25, 2009

Is there a cure for Bamboo that growing yellow leaves. The stalks are green but some of the leaves are coming in yellow.

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1)water growing Remove all stalks from pot scrub pot with warm tap H20 and dish soap while letting roots drip dry B) scrub rocks as well if any Let tap water get hot hot hot and rince rince rince pot
2) remove rocks from pot and let dry on a plate or bowl
wipe dry bowl not rocks let them dry on there own by a bowl to bowl flip in and out trade manner
Place lucky in a seperate differtn bowl ( clear is best) and add DESTIILED WATER to cover only the roots and flush out roots repeat at least 2x at 1- 2 hour time frames

After rocks dry place lucky in clean well rinsed pot and use a new pour of DESTILLED water and cover rocks and root by 1 extra inch in height
depending on size of pot 1 to 2 drops of green green fert
tie a red bow (optinal) on a leaf lossen the gold tie band ( if any) place lucky in a not so well lite area of a good air room

If in soil it is on it's way back to earth
See also Lucky Bamboo forum in two days I have pics on a soil grown disaster ( inherited ) step by step guide how to return back to nature guide

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