For indians: I need help for a college work

trilochankaurNovember 24, 2006

Namaste/ ssa everyone.

I am doing a college work about typical styles of homegardenings in the world, and I am asking for help for someone who undertands it better.

I am looking for information about indian styles of home gardening, types of plants an flowers that are usually used in every residence yard.

thank you since now!!!

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Here are some plants every Indian households makes sure they have in their yards.1 occimum sanctum (TulsiOr tulasi,Relegious purpose)2 jasmine varieties Mogra,chameli malli etc(For auspeciousness).These two are the most preffered plants by indians back in the country or abroad.comming to the other plants it depends on relegious again...but i will write down few names.It is a kind of long story...South..Indian yards..1 azharidicta indica(neem Relegious and medicinal)2Banana (im not including the botanical nameSince there are may varieties relegious and cullinary)3curry leaf(,Cullinary purpose) Lime orand Orenge,Cullinary&fruit Marigold (Traditional and relegiousand decorative pupose).Hibiscus Varieties Both south and north indian favourite Daily offer to god.Most common fruit tree is guava.Most favourite is Mango tree.Goose berry (Out door picnic tree) again the most imp (Medicinal,cullinary and relegious purpose).Other priorities are regional flowers like crossadra,sampenga(Cananga odaratus)oleander,chrysanthemums.fruits like sapota (Chikku)and black Jamoon.
Think about people living with no yards..Containes hold marigolds, mums , chillis.coriandaretc.Think about what you see during a train journeyIf you were india.Hope this helps Kaur!Do not for get the Queen ROSE.Trust me Every one buys one plant yard or no yard .sun or no sun.

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many many thanks thishya for your help!!! I will for sure use this information to complete my work!! I have one more question!!

In gardening general in India, are there used any style like Islamic, hindu or English garden styles? Or they have a unique way to build up those gardens? It may be a stupid question but it will help me a lot =]

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This is exactly i missed writing down and i came back to the system...Let us see...There is nothing like cottege gardens wilbard gardens or anysuch things practised by indians folks.all i wrote down is about a layman's garden.If it is for your class and about world's typical gardens...I know the history of gardenning talks about Moghul or purtian gardensAnd latin or greek gardens,Asian or oriental gardens.the rest are new world gardens developed..What is your project about?Asian gardens or Indian gardens?.I failed to add that Every Indian household,rented or own..never failed to grow a gourd plant and bean plant at least once in their life time.If you really want deep roots of Indian Favourite plants..Observe the temple yard trees.I would say laymans garden started imitating templs and there followed the kitchen gardens (Herbs,vegetables and fruits).Rich man;s gardens in India always mimicked purtian gardens.Grapes Pomogranates,Other citrus fruits,fragrant plants,like Tuberose,NightqueenEtc.Mediterranian and arbour gardens were groomed for tourist interests.Rich families always entertained guests under grape vine or rose wine arbours of course bouganvillias (Wrong spelling)replaced them later.This story is getting long let us not bore the other members.

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I agree thisya, I could explain more about my project by email... please send me a feedback :
thanks for the help!

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Styles of home gardenning in the world! Dip you check Canadian gardens,English gardens,Midwest gardens, Southern gardens,North west gardens etc?.Cottage gardens ,hummingbird gardens,Butterfly gardens,raingardens,orientalgardens mediterranian gardens,rock gardens,alpinegardens,watergardens,Topiarygardens all these -may give you some info you can add.May be little history and developement thru medival and regency periods and modern gardens...followed by present day gardens..If you could link up ..the timely changes in connection with horticultural research it would be good.Scientists keep introducing new varieties and people are willing to cultivate them in their yards.that makes the changing trends of home gardenning..Here in U.S People say they like to see the changed styles of garden insted of experiencing monotony.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I just returned from India in January and have many pictures. What's your e-mail and I'll send you some?

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