Stored the seeds for too long. Will they grow?

faizachowdhury701December 4, 2013

I am a baby in gardening. Last year (2012) I bought some blueberry, cherry, cherry blossom, pear, and strawberry seeds from Ebay around february. They are all from USA. Since then I have kept them in a cabinet. I did not sow the seeds because I did not understand what stratification, germination or scarification meant and they all had these things labeled on them. Finally after almost a year I saw some youtube videos and started processing the seeds.
In one video it said that all the bad seeds will float even after 24 hours of soaking. So I removed all the bad seeds and then put the good seeds in the freezer on a moist paper towel in a tupperware. I live in Bangladesh and we have winter from November till end of february (10 degree C/50 degree F). I sow the seeds today after 2 weeks of freezing them. Did I do it all wrong? Is there any chance of growing these things from seed in a country where we have scorching heat in summer time?

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